Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, January 16, 2004

I added a couple more links to the list of blogs. And here's some more cool links I've found recently.

Currency Converter Pretty handy. If I converted my entire savings to Japanese Yen, I'd have over 345,000 Yen. There's even a link to another site where you can get foreign currency and have it delivered to your house.

My Cat Hates You Really funny. Check out the "About Us" section of the site. It's pretty funny. "We ended up working at a few more jobs together along the way, instructing the uninitiated in the art of keeping your 12-pack hidden from the boss, but STILL COLD enough to enjoy during miserable hours of phone tech support. Anyone who has not done this job won't appreciate the value of drinking luke-warm Meisterbrau at 1:00am while explaining to the last Civil War veteran how to find 'them naked girls' on the Intarweb."

FavIcon Generator Allows you to make one of those tiny little pictures that appears by your internet address up in the toolbar of your browser. I made one for my page, but unfortunately I can't use it because I can't upload pictures to this server.

Not Fooling Anybody What happens when a lesser-known business moves into the building that was formerly a well-known business, and you can still tell from the shape of the building what the place used to be. Man, that sentence was awkward. Anyway, I have got to go get some pictures of the former Carl's Jr. in Chickasha. Now it's some mexican restauraunt, but you can still tell it was a Carl's Jr. It's still got stars on it, and the sign is star-shaped even. All they did to the restaraunt is paste some cartoon mexican guy in a sombrero over the faces in the center of the stars.

Ugh, I have to work tonight. I hate Fridays. They changed my work schedule around this week. I've been being off on Saturdays, but this week I have to work Friday and Saturday. Both the long nights that we are open an extra hour later. Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. I need the hours. My last few checks have been really small. Really small as in $250 for two weeks of work. I've gotta start working more and saving up my money for this whole starting a business thing. I've got a little over $3,250 in my savings account, and I'd like to have around $10,000 before I try to open a business. I'm going to really have to cut down on my spending, and start working more too. I've also got a big jar now that I'm putting all my coins in. When it gets full I'm going to take it to the bank, and deposit it in my savings account. That will actually increase my bank account pretty quick, because I accumulate change like you wouldn't beleive. I hardly ever use any change. I can have a pocketful of change and I'll still break a dollar. Whenever I go shopping, if I go to several places while I'm out, I'll come home and have two dollars in change in my pocket. I just cashed in all my coins a few months ago, and I've already got about $50 in change rolled up here that I'm going to put in the bank my next day off. Which is Monday. I have to work Friday, saturday and Sunday, it's gonna suck.