Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hey, cool, my blog just got mentioned on another blog in an article about blogs with good names. J-Walk Blog: Good Blog Names.

Speaking of getting mentioned on other blogs... Update on the "Fat Kid Scandal." So I sent the guy an email yesterday. Nothing mean or rude really, just mentioning that I wasn't pleased with being called "the fat kid" even if I was fat. I didn't use any cusswords or anything, not in the email, just on my blog. So the guy sent me a couple of emails back, apologizing and stuff, and even wrote a post about it on his site. So all is forgiven.

Here's the email he sent me:

I should have thought about the fact that my using the referring link I spotted via your site would put JAWYMM in your radar.

You shouldn't be angry -- I mean how sad is it that I piss and moan on my site (to no one at all -- that was written before Google had even picked up on my site, so you can guarantee that absolutely no one was reading) that you're getting more attention than me?

But, yes, "fucking fuck" was well-deserved.

And you're clearly the better man for having called me on it. I'll be sure to give you some respect in my next post.

By the way, to be fair, kid is just a term that I use. There are guys on my rugby team who are 36 and could beat the quivering shit out of me that I call kid.

Fat? Yeah, that was low. I apologise.

And here's what he wrote on his site:

An Apology: Remember in grade school when you would start a fight with another person, the two of you would scrap, and you would come out of it with a serious respect for that person? That happened today.
I got an e-mail today from The Fat Kid, expressing serious displeasure with my calling him "the fat kid."
"Fuck you, you fucking fuck," he wrote on his site.
Then he wrote me an e-mail that was much more civil.
But did he spam me to death? Did he ask his readers to flood my inbox with hate mail?
He used a grand total of three obscene words to respond to the obnoxious assclown who had made fun of him behind his back. That is class.
And in the face of such a gentleman, I can offer nothing but respect.
"The Fat Kid" is now a term of respect.
So I wrote him back with an heartfelt apology and an explanation for the colloquialism "kid."
I have no excuse for "fat," so I apologise again. And I extend any help that I can give -- because I know that he is working out these days, and as a rugby player I know a lot about that subject (first lesson: the Atkins diet is bullshit).
Hopefully he'll accept my apology, because it turns out that he's a top bloke.
By the way, the real name of his site is Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K.

So anyway, that's over, all is forgiven, and his site is actually kind of cool. Jessica Asche, Will you Marry Me?