Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, January 19, 2004

HAMSTER STUFF! Melissa has been sending me this stuff all night. It's cool, but now I want to buy all of it! If I wasn't saving my money I'd buy that hamster coffee mug I posted last night.

eBay item 2372973001 (Ends Jan-20-04 00:20:24 PST) - HAMSTER IS SMARTER THAN HONOR STUDENT * DECAL

eBay item 3170136305 (Ends Jan-22-04 14:06:35 PST) - FOLKMANIS HAMSTER PUPPET - NEW - 7" tall

eBay item 3170110014 (Ends Jan-22-04 11:54:09 PST) - It's A Boy! Dancing Hamster NEW in box!

eBay item 3654452870 (Ends Jan-21-04 18:52:42 PST) - CAUTION PROTECTED BY HAMSTER SIGN NEW

eBay item 3266972208 (Ends Jan-20-04 09:24:22 PST) - German Goldi Hamster Commerzbank Bank

eBay item 3653921271 (Ends Jan-19-04 19:06:28 PST) - I LOVE HAMSTERS WATCH. HAMSTER. GERBIL? RARE

I like the attack hamster sign, and the watch the best. That German coin bank is kinda scary.

Man, this day is a total waste. I can't beleive it's almost 10:00 already. And I haven't done anything today. I had lots of stuff I wanted to do today. Nothing important, but stuff I was wanting to do, like play Final Fantasy X. I started a new game on that the other day, and I planned on spending most of the day playing that, and watching my Dragonball Z DVDS. So far I've done neither. I've been talking to Melissa and looking at these links and stuff for several hours now, and that's about all I've done today. Not that I blame her or anything.

Mmmmm... porn. Wait... what was I saying? Never mind. Ugh, time to find something to do, like watch those DVDs. Actually, Family Guy is about to come on. I love that show.