Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: January 2004

Friday, January 30, 2004

Someone is blogging the freeways of Southern California - A very cool site.

Pickled dragon mystery - Cool.

Well, work wasn't to bad today. Actually it was pretty cool. Most of the day went by really fast, except for the last couple of hours, after business slowed down after lunch.

I don't really feel like writing anything now. Maybe later.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Post-Crescent - Father blames cable for his woes Stupid people make me angry.

Another version of Smack the Penguin This version doesn't look as good, but you can hit the penguin much farther.

Yahoo! News - Entertainment Photos - Reuters They call this fashion? That's not fashion, that's disturbing. I especially like the way they made the arms and legs look like they've got some kind of disease and the skin is all peeling off.

Yahoo! News - Gunmen Steal $14,000 Worth of Gum They must really like gum.

New Form of Matter Created By Scientists ( Hmm, I've never heard of that fifth type of matter on the list. I only knew of gas, solids, liquid, and plasma.

I'm not exactly sure how this works. I took this test that's supposed to determine the best religion for me, which religion fits my beliefs the best. Anyway, it gives you this whole list of results in descending order based on how well they match your beliefs, but it also gives one result which it says is the best for you, even though that one may not be the number one on your list. So anyway, it says that the best religion for me is Mahayana Buddhism, which is cool, because that's probably my favorite religion anyway. Though it says Neo-Paganism is a 100% match for me, and Mahayana Buddhism was my number 4 result with 88% match. Here's some more of my results:

1. Neo-Pagan 100%
2. New Age 97%
3. Unitarian Universalism 97%
4. Mahayana Buddhism 88%
5. Liberal Quakers 86% (What the fuck?)
6. Theravada Buddhism 76% (Another cool religion, but I think I like the Mahayana form of Buddhism a little better.)
7. Taoism 74% (I really like this religion too.)
8. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants 72% (Ugh.)
9. New Thought 67% (I don't have any idea what this is.)
10. Secular Humanism 67%
11. Hinduism 62% (Cool.)
12. Jainism 60% (This is another cool eastern religion, but a little too strict for me, they are very skinny Gandhi looking people, and they believe in not hurting any living thing, even plants and insects. Which makes it really hard for them to find things to eat. They eat plants, but only because they have to. They believe it's better to eat plants than animals, because even though they are alive, they aren't as alive as animals. They even constantly sweep the ground in front of them with a broom so they wont step on any ants or anything.)
13. Scientology 55% (Fuck! What is this doing here?!)

The list continued on to 27, but I don't feel like typing the rest. Those were the best. The rest of the results were less than 50% match anyway. You can take the test here: Belief System Selector.

Ok, now I'm going to go work on some new product designs.

Mmmm. Microwave Burrito. I haven't had one of these in a long time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Smack the Penguin Very addictive game.

eBay item 3171847054 (Ends Jan-31-04 22:14:03 PST) - I will be your Imaginary Sexy Girlfriend ! ! This is pathetic. And I doubt she really looks like that. Whoever's running the sale probably found that on some website. What's really pathetic about it is how high the bidding is.

Star Wars Episode III footage leaked! Kick ass! Too bad they made them take the film clips down. But you can still see three still frames from it. I'm sure you could probably find the movie clip out there somewhere on the internet.

I added several more designs to the store earlier today, and have several more I'm going to work on and add tomorrow. Today I added a line of girl's shirts that say "Video Games - They aren't just for boys anymore." I also added some more products with the "Die of Life" logo on them, such as a tote bag which would be good for carrying all your RPG gaming supplies around in. Tomorrow I'm removing the "Censored" journal, unless someone e-mails me telling me they were going to order it, and I'm replacing it with a game journal, to take notes in while playing pen and paper RPG games and stuff like that. I thought that censored journal would have been perfect for Alicia, she could write her perverted little fan fictions she's so obsessed with in it.

But now it's time for bed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Couple of new designs added to my Cafepress Store! The new "Apparently you failed your saving-throw against sucking," Role-Playing Game shirt, with the "Die of Life" design on front. And the new "Die of Life" wall clock, which I wouldn't mind owning myself. These are some of the new designs that me and Chris worked up together.

And now it's time to go to bed. Man, I never thought I'd be going to bed this early.

YELLOW SNOW FROM PANLOGIC Write your name in the snow, and then send it to your friends.

A website that turns out to be nothing like what you'd expect:

Giant Microbes Cute stuffed toys that look like microscopic, disease-causing, organisms.

So anyway, I went to Local Oklahoma Bank this morning, to get more info on that account I was thinking of opening. Turns out that what they call a "High Interest Checking Account" means an interest rate of 0.45%. Needless to say, I didn't open it after all. Instead I kept my money at my current bank, and just moved it into a Money Market account, which earns the same amount of interest as a regular savings account, but has added features. You can write checks from it if you want to, but I don't plan on it, I'm keeping my normal checking account too. The main reason I liked this account is they give you deposit slips, like with a checking account, so you can put money into it without having to go in the bank.

Ok, guess I'm gonna go work on those new t-shirts now, even though I don't really want to. The new shirts are all geeky, stuff about video games and RPGs and computers, and stuff like that.

Cold out there today.

As soon as I typed that, I instantly thought of that episode of Family Guy where they get relocated to the south in the Witness Protection Program, and Stewie's sitting on the porch with a banjo with a bunch of old men, and he says, "Hot out there today. Yup. Hot out there every day." And then they all start playing banjo jugband music.

So anyway, it's really cold today, and yesterday, and every day, at least for a while. It was in the high twenties most of the day yesterday, and it snowed most of the day, but there wasn't any accumulation, and the roads never froze no matter how wet they got, because the ground temperature was still around 50. There's just a little white dusting on the grassy areas. Today it's only 15 degrees, the last time I saw the temperature. It's supposed to get up to 37 today, 45 tomorrow, and then the next five days after that, the highs are all going to be between 30 and 34.

Me and Chris are working on some new shirt designs. He's telling me things he wants to buy a t-shirt of, and I'm making them. At his request, I also put the "you rode the short bus" image on a BBQ Apron, because he's going to buy it. It will be a few days before I get the new shirts up though, because I've still got to break out my PaintShop Pro and make the images.

And now I have to go, I've still got to do all that banking stuff today. Then I have to go to Best Buy to buy a USB adapter thingy if I can find one. I've got some links I'll hopfully get around to posting later.

Monday, January 26, 2004

At long last, Chris now has a blog! Check it out: Frilly wookies wield the stick o' naughtiness. Now THAT'S a blog name.

And THIS is gross: Manties.

This is the list of imbd's top 100 movies, you bold the ones you have seen:
1. Godfather, The (1972)
2. Shawshank Redemption, The (1994)
3. Godfather: Part II, The (1974)
4. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (2003)
5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The (2002)
6. Casablanca (1942)
7. Schindler's List (1993)
8. Shichinin no samurai (1954)
9. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The (2001)
10. Citizen Kane (1941)
11. Star Wars (1977)
12. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) [I loved the book, but I've never seen the movie.]
13. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
14. Rear Window (1954)
15. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
16. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) [16? It wasn't that good.]
17. Memento (2000)
18. Usual Suspects, The (1995)
19. Pulp Fiction (1994)
20. North by Northwest (1959)
21. Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain, Le (2001)
22. Psycho (1960)
23. 12 Angry Men (1957)
24. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
25. Silence of the Lambs, The (1991)
26. Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il (1966)
27. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
28. Goodfellas (1990)
29. American Beauty (1999)
30. Vertigo (1958)
31. Sunset Blvd. (1950)
32. Pianist, The (2002)
33. Matrix, The (1999)
34. Apocalypse Now (1979)
35. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) [Had to watch it in school.]
36. Some Like It Hot (1959)
37. Taxi Driver (1976)
38. Paths of Glory (1957)
39. Third Man, The (1949)
40. C'era una volta il West (1968)
41. Fight Club (1999) [One of the best movies ever. Should be much higher than this.]
42. Boot, Das (1981)
43. Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001) (Spirited Away) [Also should be ranked much higher.]
44. Double Indemnity (1944)
45. L.A. Confidential (1997)
46. Chinatown (1974)
47. Singin' in the Rain (1952)
48. Requiem for a Dream (2000)
49. Maltese Falcon, The (1941)
50. M (1931)
51. All About Eve (1950)
52. Bridge on the River Kwai, The (1957)
53. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) [This one should be much higher too.]
54. Se7en (1995)
55. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
56. Cidade de Deus (2002)
57. Raging Bull (1980)
58. Wizard of Oz, The (1939)
59. Rashemon (1950)
60. Sting, The (1973)
61. American History X (1998)
62. Alien (1979)
63. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
64. Leon (The Professional) (1994)
65. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
66. Vita bella, La (1997) (Life Is Beautiful)
67. Touch of Evil (1958)
68. Manchurian Candidate, The (1962)
69. Wo hu cang long (2000) (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) [Another one that should be much higher.]
70. Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The (1948)
71. Great Escape, The (1963)
72. Clockwork Orange, A (1971) [Dammit, this is truly one of the best movies ever made, and should be in the top ten.]
73. Reservoir Dogs (1992)
74. Annie Hall (1977)
75. Amadeus (1984)
76. Jaws (1975)
77. Ran (1985)
78. On the Waterfront (1954)
79. Modern Times (1936)
80. High Noon (1952)
81. Braveheart (1995)
82. Apartment, The (1960)
83. Sixth Sense, The (1999)
84. Fargo (1996)
85. Aliens (1986)
86. Shining, The (1980)
87. Blade Runner (1982)
88. Strangers on a Train (1951)
89. Duck Soup (1933)
90. Metropolis (1927)
91. Finding Nemo (2003)
92. Donnie Darko (2001)
93. Toy Story 2 (1999)
94. Princess Bride, The (1987) [Great movie, I've loved it since I was a little kid.]
95. General, The (1927)
96. City Lights (1931)
97. Lola rennt (1998) (Run Lola Run)
98. Full Metal Jacket (1987) [I seriously can't beleive this one is ranked so low. All Stanley Kubrick movies should be in the the top twenty at least.]
99. Notorious (1946)
100. Sjunde inseglet, Det (1957)

Time to go to bed. I'm going to have to start going to bed even earlier than I do now, because I'm going to be working day shift now, 8am to 4am starting either Thursday or Friday.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I finished lesson two of my small business course a couple of days ago, and I'm going to start on lesson 3 later. The third chapter is about ethics. Ugh.

I spent several hours yesterday looking over the different accounts and interest rates offered by the various banks in town, trying to find a better interest rate. My current, regular savings account only earns a 1.01% interest rate. I barely earned $29 last year, on an account that was around $3000 the whole year. After spending several hours looking, I found a really nice account at a different bank. It's an interest earning checking account, that earns a much higher interest rate than their normal interest-earning accounts if you have more than $2,500 in the account, which I will. There's also no monthly charge as long as your balance remains over $2,500. It didn't say in the brochure what the interest rate was exactly, but the way it sounds, it's probably higher than my current savings account. So Tuesday, when I'm off I'm going to spend most of my day switching out my accounts. First I'm going to go to the new bank, and ask them more about the account, what the interest rate is and stuff, and then, if I still want to switch, I'll have to go to my current bank and close out my accounts, and then go back to the other bank, and open my new account. Since I'll be putting all the money from both my savings and my checking account in this new account, I'll have almost $4,000 in it. By the end of the month I WILL have $4,000 or so. Not back considering just a couple of weeks ago I only had around $2,800. I'm making good progress on my goal of saving up to at least $10,000 in the next couple of years to get ready for attempting to open my own business.

The Storefront A list of links to many, many, online stores and catalogs. - PETA's new comic for kids: Your mommy kills animals! I'm all for compassion towards animals, but PETA is sick and wrong, and is uses terrorist tactics. recently they've been in trouble for setting people's large houses and SUVs on fire. Here's their latest sick plan.

"PETA’s New Comic for Kids - a Real-Life Horror Story!

"PETA activists - including cuddly, costumed raccoons and foxes - are making guest appearances outside performances of The Nutcracker across the country this holiday season with a cheeky message of compassion. As children arrive to see the "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy," some will be unaware that their mothers are already starring in a real-life horror story! PETA will be there to greet any fur-clad moms and their children with their newest anti-fur leaflet-PETA Comics presents...'Your Mommy Kills Animals!'

"Kids will see the bloody truth behind their moms’ pretentious pelts. Accompanied by graphic photographs of skinned carcasses and animals languishing on fur farms, children will read: 'Lots of wonderful foxes, raccoons, and other animals are kept by mean farmers who squish them into cages so small that they can hardly move. They never get to play or swim or have fun. All they can do is cry-just so your greedy mommy can have that fur coat to show off in when she walks the streets.'"

100 things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend instead of "it."

An article from some Christian Teen magazine. Ugh, about 90% of these are extremely stupid.

6. Play hide-and-seek in a cornfield.
17. Take your grandparents out for dinner at a fast food restaurant.
61. Read 1 Corinthians 13.
67. Volunteer to work in your church nursery on a Sunday morning.
78. Run errands for your parents.
82. Surprise your parents by cleaning the house.
86. Get involved with your school, church, and community.
100. Wash your parent's cars.
"Want this list in a colorful brochure to share with a friend?"


"Send a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope to:"

I said no. Fuck off.

On the Implausibility of the Death Star's Trash Compactor

Saturday, January 24, 2004

I just spent several hours reading THE ENTIRE SITE about time traveler John Titor (posted below), and I am seriously freaked out, and more than a little worried. Worried that it could be true, and that the future he tells about could become a reality. It's a very probably future, and things that John hinted at are indeed occurring.

I also just looked over the referrals and found that several people found my site by searching Google for things like "Strange things to fuck," and "Girls fucking strange things." Ugh, and for some reason someone was searching the internet for "Carl's Jr. Coupons" and were of course directed to my site. Another one was "insults, hate, kill, die, smarterchild." And here's one I don't understand at all, "abuja, sex, love, fucking." What is "abuja" and why would searching for that bring them to my site? Someone also found my site after searching for "We moisten your dreams with man urine." Which is because I posted that phrase last Sunday after it was said on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. And, of course, most of my hits came from people searching Google for the movie quote, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K," which is from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Ok, time for bed.

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown I hate to admit it, but this is great. It's clips from various Charlie Brown specials put together to make a video for "Hey Ya" by Outkast. It's very well done, and it actually looks like the Charlie Brown characters are singing and dancing to the song. I also hate to admit that, now that I've actually listened to this song, I really like it. The only drawback is that it takes about 30 minutes to download if you don't have DSL or cable modem.

The Time Travel Tale of John Titor This is pretty interesting. "Although there is debate over the exact date it started, on November 02, 2000, a person calling themselves Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, started posting on a public forum that he was a time traveler from the year 2036.

"One of the first things he did was post pictures of his time machine and its operations manual. As the weeks went by, more and more people began questioning him about why he was here, the physics of time travel and his thoughts about our time. He also posted on other forums including the old Art Bell site. In his posts John Titor entertained, angered, frightened and even belittled those who engaged him in conversation.

"On March 24, 2001, John Titor told us he would be leaving our time and returning to 2036. After that, he was never heard from again. Speculation and investigation about who John Titor was and why he was online continues to this day."

Battleships Warning, this could suck up at least an hour of your day. It did with me.

Size Comparison Chart of Giants Throughout History This is pretty interesting, even if most of it is based on scripture or so-called archealogical finds I've never even heard of before.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Moderate

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I finally did it! My Cafepress store is now open for business! Contains many products featuring my strange art! Actuall, "Art" would be going a little too far. My art is simply manipulated clip-art and fonts. Some of the products are a little plain, because I apparently need to make some bigger copies of the pictures, but some of the products are really cool! There's a couple of things on there that I'm probably going to buy myself! Check back periodically, as I will be adding more products, or changing the images on the stuff, because unless I pay for an enhanced site, I can only have one design on each product. Special orders will be accepted. If there's a picture you see on something that'd you'd like to see on another item, email me, and I'll put it in the store for you. But for now, go there! And buy! Buy like the wind! I want money!

The "Strange Things are Afoot" Store.

Periodic Table Displays This is really cool. It's a giant Periodic table of the elements for like museums and stuff. It has sample of each element in the space for that element, or a picture of the person it's named after, and stuff like that. Except for the radioactive elements, of course.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Display Profile Page - Fred Bob At first I thought this was just an idiot, but then when I saw that he claimed he had a Masters Degree in Bus Driving I realized it was probably a joke. It may be real, it may just be this guy's idea of a joke. But he sure doesn't look blond, South American, or 63 years old. Also, I don't know if that means he lives in San Francisco AND New York, or that he lives in San Francisco IN New York, which doesn't exist. No matter whether this guy is real, or made up, this whole personal is just plain wrong on many levels.

I want this vehicle. shuttle_bus.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x293 pixels)

Cool. I'm done with lesson 1 of my course already. Tomorrow I'll start on the reading for lesson 2. But now it's almost time for work.

It's really cold in here again today. It says it's 50 degrees outside, but I can't beleive that, it feels a lot colder out there, and it's cloudy and a little windy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Cool! My PCDI Small Business Course stuff just arrived! I should have checked the mail earlier, because now it's almost time for work, and I don't have time to do very much with it.

Website Row Pits Teen Against Microsoft $300 billion company Microsoft offers 17 year-old Mike Rowe $10 (ten dollars) for his internet domain. If he doesn't sell, they'll sue.

Ananova - Woman to have 12 stone tumour removed A woman is to undergo an operation to remove a giant tumour that weighs almost twice her normal body weight.

Ananova - Teenage girl's x-ray vision baffles scientists Russian scientists have been unable to disprove a teenage girl who claims she has x-ray vision and can see inside human bodies.

Ananova - Fifa boss in plea for tighter shorts - for women Fifa President Sepp Blatter says female soccer players should wear tighter shorts to promote "a more female aesthetic". Damn, if all the soccer players looked like the women in that picture I'd watch soccer all the time.

Tripwonker! Trip Wonker is the single trippiest optical illusion known to mankind. Use it, and your whole world will start warping around. Walls will melt, spoons will bend, your hand will quiver, AND IT'S ALL LEGAL!!

These next few links are blogs that I am now going to also add (I accidentally typed "ass") to the "Blogs" list. A couple of other blogs have also been removed from the list, such as, which for some reason hasn't been working for a week.

this is uglyfatid | uglyfatkid is this A very strange, but very funny blog. Usually makes no sense, demonstrated by this post: "I need to cut back on my smoking. Not cigarettes. Carrots. I seem to be annoying people at the produce section. Monday, December 22, 2003"

WIL WHEATON dot NET Wil Wheaton. The guy that played Wesely Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've denied my love for his site for a long time, mainly because I hated Wesely Crusher. But Wil Wheaton is cool. Besides being a real-life celebrity, he is also a web celebrity, and his blog is famous all over the internet. So finally, I am proud to offer it here on my site. Should be read daily by all geeks and nerds.

Sushi Yum Yum Despite the name, and my love of all things Japanese, this site is not actually about sushi or Japan. It's just a funny blog.

Oh, and here's a site Alicia sent me a while back, and I never have mentioned. I haven't really looked at it in-depth yet, but what I have seen is really cool. It's a Lord of the Rings Encyclopaedia. The Encyclopedia of Arda

I am a Conspiracy Nut

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

Take More Robert & Tim Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim Cartoons

Monday, January 19, 2004

HAMSTER STUFF! Melissa has been sending me this stuff all night. It's cool, but now I want to buy all of it! If I wasn't saving my money I'd buy that hamster coffee mug I posted last night.

eBay item 2372973001 (Ends Jan-20-04 00:20:24 PST) - HAMSTER IS SMARTER THAN HONOR STUDENT * DECAL

eBay item 3170136305 (Ends Jan-22-04 14:06:35 PST) - FOLKMANIS HAMSTER PUPPET - NEW - 7" tall

eBay item 3170110014 (Ends Jan-22-04 11:54:09 PST) - It's A Boy! Dancing Hamster NEW in box!

eBay item 3654452870 (Ends Jan-21-04 18:52:42 PST) - CAUTION PROTECTED BY HAMSTER SIGN NEW

eBay item 3266972208 (Ends Jan-20-04 09:24:22 PST) - German Goldi Hamster Commerzbank Bank

eBay item 3653921271 (Ends Jan-19-04 19:06:28 PST) - I LOVE HAMSTERS WATCH. HAMSTER. GERBIL? RARE

I like the attack hamster sign, and the watch the best. That German coin bank is kinda scary.

Man, this day is a total waste. I can't beleive it's almost 10:00 already. And I haven't done anything today. I had lots of stuff I wanted to do today. Nothing important, but stuff I was wanting to do, like play Final Fantasy X. I started a new game on that the other day, and I planned on spending most of the day playing that, and watching my Dragonball Z DVDS. So far I've done neither. I've been talking to Melissa and looking at these links and stuff for several hours now, and that's about all I've done today. Not that I blame her or anything.

Mmmmm... porn. Wait... what was I saying? Never mind. Ugh, time to find something to do, like watch those DVDs. Actually, Family Guy is about to come on. I love that show.

Masturbation Horror Stories OUCH! Be warned, this site has some very sick and disturbing pictures.

Here's a much nicer site. Masturbate for Peace Pretty funny, especially the poems, petitions, and bumper stickers.

An announcer on TV just said "as seen on TV," and I could've sworn he said "ass seen on TV." I wish he would've said that, that would be cool.

I prefer "Not stored in any souls!"

I went to Office Max today, just to look around mainly. Is it just me, or does anyone else love office supply stores? Some guys love hardware stores, I love office supply stores. They always have such cool stuff there. I could spend all my money at Office Max. I'm trying to save my money, so I didn't intend on spending much money, but I ended up spending almost $50.00. The only thing I needed to buy was a new lockbox to keep important documents and stuff in. I have a small lockbox already, but it's too small, so I needed a bigger one. I also ended up buying one of those little tiny USB storage devices. It's about the size of a small pack of gum, and stores 64 megabytes of stuff. I didn't really need it, but I've always wanted one, and they had it on sale, so I ended up buying it. I lucky I made it out of there without spending more than that. I love office supply stores! I always look at the Office Max and Office Depot ads in the Sunday paper. I'm weird.

Man, it's freezing in here! It's barely 40 degrees outside today.

The other night at work I thought of an idea for a t-shirt. They should have a t-shirt that says "4 out of 5 doctors agree: You Suck!" I told Daniel, and he thought it was funny, and that he thought there should be a t-shirt that says "You're just jealous because you don't smell like ass too." I didn't think anyone would wear that, but then he told the other employees about it, and they all said they liked his shirt better, and that they'd buy it. I wish I could think of more shirt ideas. I think I'm gonna maybe go make a store, like I've been wanting to for years. I signed up to make a store once, but never got around to it, because I doubt anyone would buy any of my designs. But I may try it, who knows, I may sell a couple. And I need every dollar I can get. I doubt I'll bother though.

Hmmm seems like there was something else I wanted to write about, but I forgot what it was. I'll probably thing of it later. For now, here's something I saw on the internet somewhere once. I forget where, it's been a couple of years, I just saved the text to my computer. It's pretty funny, and very accurate.

A Generic Console RPG Plot

Well, having played a whole pile of console RPGs translated and brought over to the US (22 at last count), I have to say that, as much as I like them, I'm a tad sick of some of the repetitious plot elements. As such, here's my own cynical version of a Generic Console RPG plot from Japan. Of course, not all games have all of these stereotypical elements (and some are thankfully much more original), but maybe some of these will sound familiar to a console RPG veteran.... (More later.)

History: A now-peaceful world dimly remembers an ancient past where powerful forces of good battled against an evil force that sought mass destruction. The forces of good prevailed, and a few centuries of prosperity and forgetfulness followed....

Now: A dark(blue?)-haired young man, Our Hero, grows up in a quaint, bucolic, picturesque farm town; of course, he's an orphan. As time progresses, he becomes aware of something about himself that is different. He has powers that no one else has. Eventually he becomes a social outcast because he is misunderstood, and he must go traveling around the countryside in search of his true nature. Often, he is blamed for the increase in monsters in the world.

Along the way, Our Hero meets a young (blond) princess who joins up and adventures with him; she turns into the primary magic caster of the team. He'll also meet at least one unusually strong (usually male) fighter, an inventor with kooky weapons (male or female), and at least one really weird character (say, a robot, a sprite, a sentient onion, a talking animal, or a feral wild boy, etc.). He also is befriended by mysterious spirits who talk to him when he's unconscious and tell him he has a special destiny to save the world.

Around this time, Our Hero finds mysterious devices that look suspiciously like teleporter pads.... However, they are not operational yet. Our Hero, to get around, must first use a ship to travel across the ocean. He still can't go everywhere until he later gets a more powerful ship. More on this later.

Our Hero inevitably winds up in the princess' (big and treasure-filled) castle and meets the king (and sometimes queen, too) at some point or other. Usually the Princess' father disapproves of what they're doing, and she winds up having to escape from the castle somehow to re-join her friends. Of course, she feels guilty for doing so, but she's sick of being a princess and just wants to be herself. Too bad the odds are good the king will somehow die before the end of the game....

At first the monsters they run into are fairly innocuous and small, but gradually the monsters get visibly larger and larger, and also more dangerous. At the same time, the scenery grows progressively harsher, changing from peaceful forests, small towns, and gentle farmlands into nastier forests, big dirty cities, and things like deserts and dungeons. Much, much later, the harsh scenery turns into sterile steel-n-concrete and other high-tech ruins.

Of course, Our Hero and his companions need strong weapons to survive. They find or buy progressively more poweful items. Strangely, Our Hero's own home town always seems to have the worst selection of weapons, and each new town he finds always seems to have something better (and more expensive) than what he already has....

Our Hero also runs up against "evil" human forces led by a misguided king of a different land. The bad king is just a pawn, though; some sinister minister or advisor is at the king's side, manipulating him. And the minister has worse connections.... This foreign king will, sometime in the future, repent of his ways, usually too late to do anything.

By now, Our Hero has also figured out how to activate the transporter pads, and can now teleport around the world. To cap off everything, he gets a flying machine (or creature) that can take him almost anywhere on the (sadly small) planet without the bother of having to travel to and from the transporters.

Our Hero also begins to catch more glimpses of the Ancient Highly Advanced Culture; he stumbles upon ancient ruins that contain electronics far beyond his own mid-tech culture. He finds the ruins of things that look suspiciously like TVs, cars, and spaceships. He begins to run into robots, and ancient magic spells are re-discovered. Our Hero might even wind up transported to a different world in a different plane of existence (or at least a different time period), where he learns about the past.

The plot begins wrapping up around this point, as Our Hero discovers that all problems stem from the actions of some Evil Ancient Entity, a creature that lives in some mechanical satellite of some sort far above the planet's surface. Our Hero has already fought and defeated a number of the Evil Enemy's henchmen and lieutenants. Now Our Hero needs to activate the mechanisms to reach the source of all the badness, the Evil Entity, deep within its cozy high-tech lair. Luckily, he has the help of the ancient environmentalist Guardian Spirits that have long protected the world (remember the spirits that had been telling him he was special in his dreams?). Along the way, he encounters an evil lieutenant or two (sometimes ones he's already defeated before), and he even converts one and saves him/her from his/her evil ways.

Finally, Our Hero reaches the Evil Entity's lair, because He Is Destined to do so. The Evil Entity reveals that it arrived from outer space and is now trying to make this planet fit its own agendas. Then it tries to entice our Hero into switching sides by pointing out Our Hero's own personal weaknesses (and those of his friends'), but it fails because Our Hero still cares about his friends anyway and wants to be with them. Now Our Hero fights the Evil Entity, who actually appears to die once or twice but who always comes back stronger and meaner. Finally, Our Hero succeeds in destroying the Evil Entity for good, though not without the help of his companions, who give him the last bit of spiritual love and strength he needs to achieve the impossible for the sake of the world. One or more of them may die at this point, happy to have fulfilled their missions.

Thus, evil is vanquished again, and things are restored to their peaceful, bucolic ways. Finally, the survivors can return to living out their simple lives amidst their green trees and quaint little houses.

And there was much rejoicing.

Hey, wasn't that easy? I could be a game designer. Whoops, I already am one. Oh well....

As a last note, plot elements frequently become over-used when they contain powerful ideas that appeal to many people at some deep level. The Japanese RPG industry, like any industry, must always strive to get new customers, and any first-time player will likely get the full, fresh impact of even a commonly-used theme. It's only after playing a ton of similar games that a user starts getting as jaded as, well, I am. And, finally, my sample of games is strictly limited to those that make it into the US fully translated, which is a fraction of all RPGs produced in Japan.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

eBay item 3654213784 (Ends Jan-20-04 20:03:57 PST) - Adorable Golden Hamster Pair Mug NEW!!

eBay item 3654213784 (Ends Jan-20-04 20:03:57 PST) - Adorable Golden Hamster Pair Mug NEW!! I WANT THIS! YAY! That would rule.


I've been needing some more underwear for a couple of months now, but never could remember to buy any, but I finally did.

Damn, it's cold here today. It's like 35 degrees, and windy and wet. It's been raining for several days now. Well, it's not really raining today or yesterday, but it's all misty and wet.

Shut up Slunchy. Slunchy said some very naughty things in response to "misty and wet." Slunchy's a disgusting, filthy pervert.

Like I mentioned the other day, I'm trying to save up my money now. I'm doing good so far. I'm going to be able to deposit my entire check this week. I've also made 52 cents the last two days just by picking up found coins and stuff. I'm saving my money for the business I plan on opening in a few years, but also for other purposes. I need to do all the things I want to do now, before I get into starting a business. So, hopefully sometime in the next year or two, I'm going to go to Japan for a week or two, so I'm saving up for that too. I'm also trying to earn extra money by working more. I usually get sent home early, since I have all my work done early, and they want to cut costs at work. Lately we've been really slow, so the last month or two I've been getting sent home really early every night nearly. My check I got the other day was only 44.5 hours for two weeks. It was the smallest check I've ever had. So I'm trying to some home early less now, having them send someone else home early instead. But the way they've cut everyone's hours, even if I worked every hour I'm scheduled, that would still only be about 62 hours for two weeks instead of 80. I may switch to day crew, so I can get a full 40 hours a week. I hate days though. Actually, days are kinda cool, because they're so busy the 8 hours goes by really quick. But I just hate getting up at 6:00 in the morning. I may do it though, but it will be a while before I can, because I'd have to give them warning, so they could hire and train some more night crew people to take my place. I can't beleive it, but I'd also actually miss working with a couple of the people on nights. I really need to just get a better job, but I'm still not having any luck there. I finally gave up on the prison. I went in for four interviews and got turned down every time.

Winning the lottery would be nice.

Man, this is the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time. It really reminds me of why I hate rabid Christians so much. It's the ChildCare Action Project site. Christian movie reviews, they review movies and list what's wrong with them from a Christian viewpoint. The people who insist Harry Potter is evil because it has magic. Check out their review of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, according to them it's like one of the worst movies ever made because of all the magic and imaginary creatures. Also, talking trees are an offense to God. So is Gollum, partly because he doesn't wear enough clothes, partly because he was granted extreme long life by the ring. The whole article can be read here.

Here's their quick list of offenses of LOTR: ROTK.

Wanton Violence/Crime (W)
# action violence, repeatedly, some graphic
# lust for possession, including to kill, repeatedly
# planning killing
# arrow killing, graphic
# long battle violence/gore, quite frequent
# beatings, with and without tools/weapons
# graphic arrow impalements
# use of severed heads as throwing weapons
# graphic crushing deaths, frequent
# great falls with impacts seen
# decayed and encapsulated bodies and body parts
# graphic attack by larger-than-actor spider, repeatedly
# attempted murder, repeatedly
# fighting, repeatedly
# impalement by huge spider
# human incineration
# attempted ritual suicide/murder by fire
# close-ups of death and dying
# pointing finger bitten off
# perils of danger from risk of great fall
# fall into lava

Impudence/Hate (I)
# spreading dissent among friends, allies
# lying
# framing of guilt by deceit
# deceit with intent t kill

Sexual Immorality (S)
# sparse dress on male character, repeatedly
# excessive cleavage
# open face kiss

Drugs/Alcohol (D):
# smoking
# drinking
# drunkenness

Offense to God (O)
# unholy transformation by evil power
# talking trees
# unholy healing
# evil control
# unholy possession
# threat by wizardry/sorcery
# prophesying
# tale of sorcery
# evil beasts/demons, repeatedly
# enlisting tens of thousands of "walking dead" to do good by assisting the "good guys" in battle
# frequent and repeated graphic views of many unholy creatures (Orcs) many times in close-up
# use of evil (sorcery/witchcraft/wizardry) to do good by assisting the "good guys" in battle
# grant of immortality
# seeking evil for help in battle
# control of humans with a curse
# demon beast attacks, some quite graphic and with many deaths
# light by sorcery, twice
# transporting people by unholy magic
# attempted ritual suicide/murder
# walking dead walking on water
# many instances of using evil for good
# seeing the non-seeable by wizardry
# images of supreme evil

Murder/Suicide (M)
# murder to possess object
# brutal murder of battle-injured man with impalement shown

Man, these people are idiots. It makes my head hurt. They also have a review of the South Park movie, which is quite funny. According to them, an adult male midget in a women's bikini is an offense to God. I guess because it's cross-dressing and he's not wearing enough clothes.

Friday, January 16, 2004

ARGH! Slunchy not happy! Some fucker impersonate Slunchy in talk-thingy! Slunchy hates everyone! Slunchy likes to bite the heads off kittens!

Slunchy smells like urine soaked alley.


Slunchy go look at porn now. Slunchy like tits too!

I added a couple more links to the list of blogs. And here's some more cool links I've found recently.

Currency Converter Pretty handy. If I converted my entire savings to Japanese Yen, I'd have over 345,000 Yen. There's even a link to another site where you can get foreign currency and have it delivered to your house.

My Cat Hates You Really funny. Check out the "About Us" section of the site. It's pretty funny. "We ended up working at a few more jobs together along the way, instructing the uninitiated in the art of keeping your 12-pack hidden from the boss, but STILL COLD enough to enjoy during miserable hours of phone tech support. Anyone who has not done this job won't appreciate the value of drinking luke-warm Meisterbrau at 1:00am while explaining to the last Civil War veteran how to find 'them naked girls' on the Intarweb."

FavIcon Generator Allows you to make one of those tiny little pictures that appears by your internet address up in the toolbar of your browser. I made one for my page, but unfortunately I can't use it because I can't upload pictures to this server.

Not Fooling Anybody What happens when a lesser-known business moves into the building that was formerly a well-known business, and you can still tell from the shape of the building what the place used to be. Man, that sentence was awkward. Anyway, I have got to go get some pictures of the former Carl's Jr. in Chickasha. Now it's some mexican restauraunt, but you can still tell it was a Carl's Jr. It's still got stars on it, and the sign is star-shaped even. All they did to the restaraunt is paste some cartoon mexican guy in a sombrero over the faces in the center of the stars.

Ugh, I have to work tonight. I hate Fridays. They changed my work schedule around this week. I've been being off on Saturdays, but this week I have to work Friday and Saturday. Both the long nights that we are open an extra hour later. Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. I need the hours. My last few checks have been really small. Really small as in $250 for two weeks of work. I've gotta start working more and saving up my money for this whole starting a business thing. I've got a little over $3,250 in my savings account, and I'd like to have around $10,000 before I try to open a business. I'm going to really have to cut down on my spending, and start working more too. I've also got a big jar now that I'm putting all my coins in. When it gets full I'm going to take it to the bank, and deposit it in my savings account. That will actually increase my bank account pretty quick, because I accumulate change like you wouldn't beleive. I hardly ever use any change. I can have a pocketful of change and I'll still break a dollar. Whenever I go shopping, if I go to several places while I'm out, I'll come home and have two dollars in change in my pocket. I just cashed in all my coins a few months ago, and I've already got about $50 in change rolled up here that I'm going to put in the bank my next day off. Which is Monday. I have to work Friday, saturday and Sunday, it's gonna suck.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Well, I wasn't going to post anything more tonight, but I thought this was funny, and just had to share. Just a few minutes ago on the news, they were talking about how some car drove right through someone's house in Oklahoma City. Police said that the driver of the vehicle reeked of alcohol, and had a topless female passenger.

Man, I wish I had a topless female passenger in my car. Mmmmm... breasts.

YES!! BBC News: Entertainment They're finally making a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie! This is great! The world's been waiting for it for 20 years. Let's hope it finally gets off the ground this time.

Man, I've been posting way to much the last couple of days, but I'm really bored. I've had nothing to do the last few days, so I've just sat here at this computer all day. My Dragonball Z DVDs I ordered a month ago finally arrived today, so that gives me something to do now, but I don't really feel like watching them right now. But I probably will anyway.

Someone sent me an IM a few minutes ago. Pretty stupid. I don't know why I actually even replied to it. Usually when people I don't know IM me I just ignore it until they stop. Apparently she had read my AOL profile, which lists my location as the most boring place in Oklahoma, or something like that, I don't even remember exactly what it says. The entire conversation follows:

Somnium Faerie: Now I'm just curious. Exactly where is the most boring place in Oklahoma?
KUnderw674: Purcell
KUnderw674: it's a very small town about 30 miles south of Oklahoma City
Somnium Faerie: why so boring?
KUnderw674: because there's absolutely nothing to do here
Somnium Faerie: are you sure?
KUnderw674: yes
Somnium Faerie: you cant breathe?
KUnderw674: uhh, yeah
Somnium Faerie: do that

After that, neither of us said anything else.

Well, I'm gonna go back to being bored now.

the United Nations!

Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to
completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long
way to go.  You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each
other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of
beating each other about the head and torso.  Sometimes it works and sometimes
it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result.  But your heart
is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York.

Take the Country
at the Blue Pyramid

Current Mood: Crazy and hyper, yet extremely bored.

Man, I've been extremely crazy and hyper the last couple of days.

I worry about myself sometimes. A few minutes ago I was just sitting here at my computer, and for no apparent reason, with no planning or anything, I just suddenly jumped up from my chair and said, "I can sing, I can dance, I've got squirrels in my pants." I have no idea where that suddenly came from.

You know how much I love these quizzes...

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Asscrack! This is hilarious. AFLAC! Also, Part 2, and Part 3. The first two are funny as hell, the third's not that great actually. BUT YOU MUST READ THE FIRST TWO! Or you shall have to face the wrath of Slunchy!

I've spent the last few hours cleaning up and organizing my extensive collection of internet bookmarks. The list had grown so long it took about 30 seconds to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. I deleted about half the list, and put half of the remaining items in organized folders. The other half defied catagorization, as many things on the internet do. Also, I'm going to add some more links to those boxes of links over there. So check them out, there will be many sites added over the next few days. In case you actually care, new sites will be indicated by an "*" beside them.

Hey, cool, my blog just got mentioned on another blog in an article about blogs with good names. J-Walk Blog: Good Blog Names.

Speaking of getting mentioned on other blogs... Update on the "Fat Kid Scandal." So I sent the guy an email yesterday. Nothing mean or rude really, just mentioning that I wasn't pleased with being called "the fat kid" even if I was fat. I didn't use any cusswords or anything, not in the email, just on my blog. So the guy sent me a couple of emails back, apologizing and stuff, and even wrote a post about it on his site. So all is forgiven.

Here's the email he sent me:

I should have thought about the fact that my using the referring link I spotted via your site would put JAWYMM in your radar.

You shouldn't be angry -- I mean how sad is it that I piss and moan on my site (to no one at all -- that was written before Google had even picked up on my site, so you can guarantee that absolutely no one was reading) that you're getting more attention than me?

But, yes, "fucking fuck" was well-deserved.

And you're clearly the better man for having called me on it. I'll be sure to give you some respect in my next post.

By the way, to be fair, kid is just a term that I use. There are guys on my rugby team who are 36 and could beat the quivering shit out of me that I call kid.

Fat? Yeah, that was low. I apologise.

And here's what he wrote on his site:

An Apology: Remember in grade school when you would start a fight with another person, the two of you would scrap, and you would come out of it with a serious respect for that person? That happened today.
I got an e-mail today from The Fat Kid, expressing serious displeasure with my calling him "the fat kid."
"Fuck you, you fucking fuck," he wrote on his site.
Then he wrote me an e-mail that was much more civil.
But did he spam me to death? Did he ask his readers to flood my inbox with hate mail?
He used a grand total of three obscene words to respond to the obnoxious assclown who had made fun of him behind his back. That is class.
And in the face of such a gentleman, I can offer nothing but respect.
"The Fat Kid" is now a term of respect.
So I wrote him back with an heartfelt apology and an explanation for the colloquialism "kid."
I have no excuse for "fat," so I apologise again. And I extend any help that I can give -- because I know that he is working out these days, and as a rugby player I know a lot about that subject (first lesson: the Atkins diet is bullshit).
Hopefully he'll accept my apology, because it turns out that he's a top bloke.
By the way, the real name of his site is Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K.

So anyway, that's over, all is forgiven, and his site is actually kind of cool. Jessica Asche, Will you Marry Me?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I think the greatest Japanese who ever lived was Ultraman. When I was a child, I watched him every day. He was a hero to me. Whenever there was a dinosaur, Ultraman killed him for the world.


This is taken from a webpage of funny things that Japanese English students have said, which can be found here. I find this quote to be extremely funny. I about died laughing.

HAPPY SABRINA Ok, now this is scary. But kinda cool. Check out the Gallery.

I'm angry. I've been referred to as "the fat kid" on someone else's blog. That thing I posted a few days ago that lists the sites that have linked to my site in the last 24 hours had a site on there today called "Jessica Asche, Will you Marry Me," or something like that, so I clicked it to check it out. It took me like 15 minutes to find the link to my site, because the site has tons of links on it, and the post my link was in was from about a month ago. In one post, the person was complaining about how if you search Google for their page it doesn't find it, and then went on to say "I wonder how long it takes the Oracle of Google to acknowledge your existence. Why does the Oracle acknowledge the fat kid, and not me? Pay attention to me, damnit!" And the words, "the fat kid" was a link to my site.

Fuck you, you fucking fuck!

I think I'm going to send him an email. I may be fat, but I'm not a kid.

Badger Badger Badger

Monday, January 12, 2004

Let loose the hamsters of war! Let them loose I say! Unleash them and they shall feast on the leafy greens of justice! They shall gnaw at the oppresors, and run on the wheels of freedom!

Squeek! Squerk! SQUEEEEEEK!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

This Space Ghost episode is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

"We moisten your dreams with man urine"

And this episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force isn't much less weird.

"Behold! I have grafted a deer antler to my groin!"

Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Flaming Carrot Yes, the Flaming Carrot, one of the weirdest, most surreal comics ever. It is also where the Mystery Men came from. Yes, Mystery Men as in that movie a few years ago. The Flaming Carrot is one of the greatest comics ever.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Well, I just did it. I enrolled in the PCDI Small Business Management course. It costs $545, payable in payments of $34 a month for 15 months. I wonder how long it will take the stuff to get here, it says they will rush it to me. I want to get started and get done quickly. You have a 2 years to complete the course, but it says you can get it done in a year or less. Even if Chris and I don't open this store like we're talking about, the stuff I learn will still help.

We had a really annoying customer at work the other night. He came through drive-thru and ordered a Ranch Bacon Cheeseburger. He came back just a minute or two later, and just held the burger up and showed it to me, he didn't even say anything at first. I didn't see anything wrong with it, he hadn't even taken a bite out of it or anything. I figured he was going to complain that it didn't have lettuce and tomato and stuff, which that burger doesn't come with anyway. Finally he said, "Why isn't the cheese melted?" I said, "well, I guess it wasn't hot enough, do you want a fresher one?" And he said that he did, so I was like "Okay, just let me throw that one away." And he said "No, I'm keeping and eating this one, AND you're going to give me a fresh one." So I said, "Let me check with my manager," because normally we wouldn't have given him a fresh one AND let him keep the first one. But Daniel went ahead and made another one for him anyway. But since the guy was such an asshole he didn't make a fresh one, he just made one and stuck it in the microwave for 15 seconds. I'm surprised the guy didn't complain about that, because you could tell it had been microwaved, the wrapper was hot, and wrinkled and soggy like they get when you microwave them. So I gave the guy his new burger, and he said "I'm gonna check this burger, and if there's spit or anything in this, I am calling the cops." And I said "There shouldn't be, the manager made it," and he said, "Yeah, well I'm just telling you, I WILL call the cops if there's anything wrong with this." What an asshole.

I'm bored. There's never anything on at this time of day. I've already been awake for almost four hours. The last month or so I've been going to bed by midnight, and getting up around 8 or 9 a.m. I like having lots of time to do stuff before work, but I get bored. By the time 2:00 gets here I'm thinking, "Isn't it ever going to get time to go to work? I want to go to work," because I'm so bored. Then I'm so bored and tired that by the time it's time to go to work, I'm about to fall asleep. Yesterday I took a ten-minute nap in my car before work, I was so tired. I've also still got allergies pretty bad. My allergies have been bugging me the last couple of weeks. And the Benedryl I take makes me even more sleepy. This is why I wish the PCDI stuff would get here quickly, so I have something to do.

Thursday, January 08, 2004


Just trying something out here. I wanna see if this works. If so, it may become a permanent addition.


Dog eats up one-year old boy's genitals
Saturday, January 03, 2004

YOLA - A dog has eaten up the genitals of a one-year-old baby boy who is recovering from circumcision in Guyuk Local Government Area of Adamawa.
Narrating the incident which took place this week, the baby’s father, Mr Amos Mamman, said he had got the dog from a distant village and brought it home.
After he had gone to the farm, his wife laid her newly circumcised baby in the room and engaged herself with routine domestic chores until she heard the baby’s unusual cry.
As she dashed to the room, she found the small dog feasting on the baby’s penis, while one of his testes had already gone, the man said.
"The baby was naked on medical advice as he was newly circumcised and could not wear a nappy,"the father explained.
He said the dog might have been attracted by the oily medicine applied to the penis and mistook the genitals for prepared meat.
The boy, who lost his manhood and has since been admitted at the Federal Medical Centre in Yola,is now responding to treatment.
The father appealed to the government and wealthy individuals to help save the life of his son who, he said, needed further medical attention "as he is having difficulty in urinating".
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Nunguda people in Guyuk are well known for their passion for dogs.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hey kids, do you know what day this is? That's right! It's Poetry Day here at the blog!

I went to see The Return of the King yesterday. I can sum it up in three words. Best... Movie... Ever. Really, I was afraid it would suck like the second one, but this was absolutely amazing. So to celebrate, here's one of my favorites from the many songs and poems in the books, part of which they also said in the movie.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
Strong is the old that does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless, again, shall be king.

And speaking of poems, here's a poem I just suddenly thought of this morning for no apparent reason. It's another poem I really like, but it's not from Lord of the Rings, it's from a headstone I saw in the Chickasha cemetery once.

Remember, friends, as you pass by,
as you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so you must be.
Prepare for death, and follow me.

And, yes, I quoted both those poems completely from memory. Not like that's too hard with that last one, but I did have a little trouble remembering one of the lines to the first poem.

I'm down yet another two pounds today. I've been losing two pounds every day or two the last week or so. That means I'm finally back down to 256, what I weighed before the holidays.

The last few days I've went back and read all the webcomics I missed since I stopped reading them around last August. I'm all done now, I'm completely caught up reading every strip ever created of Penny Arcade!, PvP, and MegaTokyo. Now I'm currently viewing this site: Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's, which Melissa, a.k.a. WooTequila over there on the chatterbox, sent me last night. It is, as the name suggests, a website about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. It is a huge site, that has all kinds of cool stuff, including an archive of every cartoon ever published.

Me and Chris were talking last night, about maybe seriously pursuing our dream when he gets out of the navy, or gets restationed in Texas. For years we've talked about how cool it would be to open a comic store, or computer store, or some kind of cyber-cafe, something geeky like that, and about how cool it would be, because there's not much of that kind of stuff around here in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Last night we finally figured out for sure what the store would probably be like. It would just be full of all kinds of geek stuff. Mostly Japanese stuff like you get from Jlist, which for the record does wholesale to businesses; Anime, Manga, Japanese snacks and candies, Japanese toys and Anime model kits, all kinds of cool stuff like that. It would also sell lots of computer accessories and equipment, and caffeinated beverages and candies, kind of like the stuff you get at ThinkGeek. It would also maybe sell some regular America comics, and maybe gaming accessories like Dungeons and Dragons stuff, and probably some video games too. It would be the ultimate Geek store. It would probably have back rooms where people could come to play D&D and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and stuff like that, like some comic stores do. Of course, we probably couldn't afford all this stuff at first, we'd have to start out small, but it would still rock. It would also be cool, because we'd be one of the few places around here to get most of that stuff. It's getting easier now, but just a couple of years ago it was still almost impossible to find anime and manga around here. We don't know when or where we're going to do this, if we're going to wait until Chris is out of the military, or, more than likely, just open it down in Texas, where he's going to be stationed next. We were seriously talking about all this last night, about how we need to get some books and stuff, and learn about all this first before we even try to get started, because neither of us really knows anything about business. A few months back I almost ordered one of those study at home courses you see advertise on TV for a small business management course, I may end up doing that now. In fact, I'm gonna go look at the site in a few minutes, and see how much it costs.

This is my dream, it would be so cool to have a store like this, because something like this is the only thing that I can think of that I WANT to do. That's why I never finished college, and haven't went back yet, I just don't know what to study, nothing interests me. I just want to do something I enjoy, which is this kind of stuff. Geek Stuff (which could maybe be the name of our store). I want to be a geek, and get paid for it. I want to sit around and read manga, and watch anime, and play video games, and get paid for it. This is my dream. I AM A GEEK.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Metaphilm - Fight Club This is extremely cool.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Cold out there today. The last time I checked it was 19 degrees. But the sun has come out now, so the temperature should go up. It's supposed to be a high of low 30s today. Earlier, around 10:00 am, it was 17 degrees, with a wind chill of zero. It was cloudy earlier, but now it's cleared off. They're having light snow flurries in Oklahoma City. I wish it would snow a little here, so it would be slow at work tonight. I work with the new person tonight, so I probably wont get off early.

I've gotten back into reading webcomics again. I used to read several of them, but I stopped a few months ago. Now I'm going back and catching up on all the ones I've missed. Right now I'm working on Penny Arcade, I'm almost back up to the present. I love Penny Arcade. Next I'll start on either MegaTokyo, or PvP, which are both also great.

I'm down another two pounds now. I'm down to 258, just two pounds away from what I was before the holidays. Yet I'm actually a lot thinner than I was before the holidays. Some of the weight I put on over the holidays must have been muscle, because even though I wasn't exercising, I was still working out a little.

Well, that's it, my life has been pretty boring lately. I'm currently reading The Martial Way for the third time. I'm reading it to get back my motivation for my diet and exercise, I've kinda lost it, and this book always motivates me.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

I just saw The Ring, that was one of the coolest movies ever. It was great.

Man, my allergies are killing me. They just got really really bad a couple of hours ago. My eyes itch really bad.

I went to the lake and walked today. All the way around the lake like usual. And it still only took me 59 minutes. I figured it would take longer than usual, since it's been a few weeks since I walked it. Also, I figured it would take me longer because I did the entire walk with ten pounds ankle weights on. Ten pounds on each leg. And six pounds on each arm. That burned a lot of calories, I bet I'm down another pound or two tomorrow. I've exercised a bunch today, and not ate very much. I was down two more pounds this morning too, I'm back down to 260.

Damn, I'm bored.

Friday, January 02, 2004

I bought the movie Bulletproof Monk the other day. It's not that good. I always thought it looked really cool, but it isn't. It's ok, but not that great really. Chow Yun Fat is cool, especially in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon which is one of my favorite movies.

I've got really bad allergies today. I've had them ever since I went over to Daniel's the other night, but today they are really bad. My sinuses feel like they are going to explode, and my throat and eyes itch.

I'm off tomorrow. I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, probably just sit around the house. I've been bored a lot lately. Actually, I know what I need to do tomorrow I guess. I need to start exercising again. I'll probably go walking tomorrow.

Check this shit out, doesn't this just make you want to kill someone?

Robertson's Divine Intervention on Bush

NORFOLK, Va. (Jan. 2) - Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Friday he believes God has told him President Bush will be re-elected in a "blowout" in November.

"I think George Bush is going to win in a walk," Robertson said on his "700 Club" program on the Virginia Beach-based Christian Broadcasting Network, which he founded. "I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It's shaping up that way."

Robertson told viewers he spent several days in prayer at the end of 2003.

"The Lord has just blessed him," Robertson said of Bush. "I mean, he could make terrible mistakes and comes out of it. It doesn't make any difference what he does, good or bad, God picks him up because he's a man of prayer and God's blessing him."

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, a frequent Robertson critic and executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said he had a prediction of his own: "Pat Robertson in 2004 will continue to use his multimillion broadcasting empire to promote George Bush and other Republican candidates."

In a reference to Bush's political adviser, Lynn said, "Maybe Pat got a message from Karl Rove and thought it was from God."

Thursday, January 01, 2004

I went to Daniel's house last night for New Years. It sucked. I didn't even really want to go. I was planning on going, but then when I got to work yesterday he told me that for some reason Olivia had invited her evil mother, and so everyone had backed out except for me. He said I had to come to save him from her. He said she wouldn't start her crap if someone else was around. So I ended up going anyway. It was just me, Daniel, Olivia, Olivia's mom, Daniel's brother Robert, and Olivia's younger sisters. Olivia was extremely drunk. I didn't get very drunk, because I wasn't going to stay very long, and I needed to be able to drive home. I had a couple of vodka and orange juice. That was the first time I've had anything alcoholic since I moved out of Daniel's house months ago. So on one hand, I would have loved to get drunk off my ass, but on the other hand I didn't really want to drink at all. I think I'm going to give up alcohol. I'm not an alcoholic or anything, there's not really any reason to give it up, it's just a choice.

Today I go back on my diet and exercise plan for real. I've been dieting a little the last few days, and I've lost a couple of pounds of the weight I gained over the holidays. I was down to 256, but I gained 8 pounds and was back up to 264, but now I'm back down to 262.

There were other things I was going to write about, but I've forgotten them.

Most of the stuff I ordered from all those websites has come in. Everything except for the stuff from, which is still backordered. I hate that site. I love their prices, but they really need to get their shit together, half the stuff I order is backordered, and then it ends up it's not even available anymore, and I have to get a refund, which takes like a month and I have to call the credit card company and go through all this crap. I don't think I'm going to order there anymore, I've found a couple of other sites that are almost as cheap. Also, I had to send back one of the things I ordered from, because they accidentally sent me the wrong thing. It was the right thing on the invoice, but they just put the wrong thing in the box.

That's it for now.

Tribute to Burger King Employees Everywhere.