Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Well, it's raining, but it doesn't look like we'll get the snow they predicted. They've already cut down their predictions for this part of the state. They are getting inches of snow north of us, but down here they've got us in "trace to 3 inches." We probably wont even get that, unless its late tonight, it's 43 degrees outside here. It will probably freeze later, and then at least it will be icy from all the rain, but who knows if we'll get any snow. If it wasn't for work I'd wish it wouldn't do anything, because I don't want it to be bad tomorrow when I'm off, but I wish it would do something tonight so we'd be dead at work, instead of extremely busy.

Almost my birthday. I never know how I should count the days. Do I count today? Do I count the day of my birthday, since my parents make me wait until the approximate time of my birth to give me my presents, which is like 6:30 in the evening? If I don't count today, or my birthday, it's only five days. If I count both, it's seven.

Wow, it's raining pretty good now. And I'm bored. I've been playing Budokai for the last hour or so, but I'm bored with that now, and there's nothing on TV except for The Powerpuff Girls, which, yes, I usually watch, but I've seen most of the episodes at least 10 times.

I think I'll do something I don't do very often: go to a chat room. I usually avoid chatrooms because 99.999% of them are incredibly stupid people trying to find someone to have cyber sex with. I only go to them when extremely bored. This one is pretty good usually though. It's a Japan chat room on AOL, lots of talk about Japan and Anime usually. Hmm, today it looks like it sucks though. There's 20 something people in the room, but only the 5 or 6 stupidest are talking. Here's an excerpt from the fascinating conversation:

Dragonne59297290: there are asian here ?
Soldierblack814: YALL B SAFE GOTTA GO BYE
King Eva of NERV: What is troubling you Aithanx?
Glitterz15X: hehehe yah'had to lett the dog in
King Eva of NERV: You too Soldier
DTKurisu: 4( < a href="">. MOI DIX MOIS - Forbidden )
Kojiotmodachi: i'm bored no girls wonna talk to me
Glitterz15X: im a gurl but
King Eva of NERV: Maybe if you were nice
Glitterz15X: no thenks
King Eva of NERV: Koji
King Eva of NERV: lol
Glitterz15X: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aithanx: Well, if ya really must know doctor
Glitterz15X: ah im right beside eva again
Mondshine: k gotta go bye everyone!
Glitterz15X: hug
Glitterz15X: (hugs)
King Eva of NERV: (puts on spectacles)

The stupidity makes my head hurt. I'm gonna go try to find something else to do.