Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Christmas party tonight at work. It's probably going to suck. It's not going to be much, not like usual. Usually we have games and exchange presents and stuff, but this year it's just going to be a meal, and from the looks of the who's-bringing-what list, not much of a meal at that. I wonder who's coming, hardly anyone has signed up to come, but they'll probably show up anyway. On the good side, we get to close early tonight for the party. For some reason drive-thru is closing at 7:30 and the lobby and everything else at 8:00. That doesn't make sense, it should be the other way around, drive-thru should close at 8:00, and lobby at 7:30, since the party is being held in the lobby. I get to work lobby tonight too, which is good and bad. Good, because lobby is easy, and I can definitely have everything done by 8:00, I probably couldn't get everything in drive-thru done by the time we closed, but it's bad because lobby closes at 8:00, and the party starts right after that, but I'll have to go home and change clothes and get the food I'm bringing, and then come back, and it will be almost 8:30 by then.

I gained a total of three pounds on Thanksgiving and the days of leftovers, but I've lost it all again already. I haven't been able to walk the last few days, because the weather's getting pretty cold now, and the wind still sucks. The wind has been blowing like crazy for the last three weeks. It's 20mph and up almost every day. The slow days it's only 15mph.

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City constantly the last few days. I've been playing it for almost five hours so far today. And I never do any of the missions or anything, I just use cheat codes to give myself all the weapons and stuff like that, and then run around killing everyone and blowing stuff up. It's fun. I let my sister watch me play it a few days ago, and she thought it was the funniest thing ever. She's evil though. Maybe I should bring her to the Christmas party tonight, family is invited. For some reason several of the people there thinks she's evil and is scared of her or something, so it would be funny to bring her. But I'm not going to.