Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: December 2003

Friday, December 26, 2003

Hooray for Christmas, and hooray for presents! I got lots of stuff. First off, as I mentioned before, my parents gave me $150 to order stuff online with. I used it on various stuff from J-list, Asian Ideas, and Discount Anime DVD. Some of the many things I ordered include a fancy chopsticks set for four people; one of those conical straw hats like Chinese peasants wear; a t-shirt that says, in Japanese, "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend;" and many Dragonball Z DVDs. Then, as presents, I got mostly video games. I got The Hobbit and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy for the Playstation 2. I also got a Gameboy Advance SP, and an accessory pack for it, which contains a screen magnifier, little speakers, and a car power adapter. I also got two games for it, Dragonball Z, The Legacy of Goku 1 and 2. Also, I got a $100 gift card for Best Buy, which I plan on mainly using for more Gameboy games. I went to Best Buy today to spend it, but they were packed, and barely had any games left. They only had one of the three or four I want, The Legend of Zelda, a Link to the Past. I got that, and also Sim City 2000. I also got a four-disc DVD set of Bruce Lee movies, which was only $15. It contains The Chinese Connection, Fists of Fury, The Legend of Bruce Lee, and A Dragon Story. I've still got enough money left to go back and buy a couple more games next week, by when hopefully they'll be restocked.

Ok, enough of that, here's a questionnaire thing I got from Alicia.

last cigarette: About a year ago. Yes, I've taken up smoking a couple of times, but I don't really like it, so I quit after a couple of weeks.
last car ride: This morning, when I went to Best Buy.
last kiss: Almost two years ago.
last good cry: I don't remember, it's been a while. Probably around 8 months.
last library book checked out: About ten years ago I checked out a book called Exegesis. I still have it.
last movie seen: I watched part of Joe Dirt just a few minutes ago.
last book read: Do comic books count? If so, then Dragonball volume 8. If not, then The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu by Wong Kiew Kit.
last cuss word uttered: I don't know, I've been around my sister and parents a lot today, so I haven't cussed much. Probably "dammit".
last beverage drank: Water.
last food consumed: A Slim Jim
last crush: I'm not telling.
last phone call: Daniel calling a couple of weeks ago to ask if I wanted to come play Halo.
last TV show watched: Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
last time showered: This morning.
last shoes worn: My black Lugz.
last CD played: The CD I burned the other day.
last item bought: The stuff I bought from Best Buy.
last downloaded: Porn.
last annoyance: Taking about half an hour to figure out how to save my game on Sim City 2000
last disappointment: Best Buy not having the games I wanted.
last soda drank: Coke, a few hours ago.
last thing written: This.
last words spoken: "and I still have it," back when I was writing about the library book. I wrote that, then I laughed and said "and I still have it."
last sleep: Last night, from about 1 am to 9 am.
last IM: No one today. I talked to Chris and Alicia both a couple of days ago. I think Alicia was the most recent one.
last weird encounter: Any time I see my sister.
last ice cream eaten: Chocolate frozen yogurt at work, and that's been a couple of months ago.
last time amused: Almost constantly.
last time wanting to die: Many months ago.
last time in love: I'm always in love with one person or another. It's a habit, I just don't feel right if I'm not in love with someone.
last time hugged: Almost two years ago.
last time scolded: Long, long ago.
last chair sat in: The desk chair I'm sitting in right now.
last lipstick: Your mom's.
last underwear worn: The underwear I'm wearing right now, which are the same as all my underwear. Tighty-whities.
last show attended: None.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Merry Christmas! Happy Xmas This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Yeah, I haven't updated in a few days. That's because I've been too busy playing Dragonball Z Budokai 2! I got it just like I hoped I would! It rules, though I do have a few complaints about it, but I don't want to get into that now. I don't have a lot of time to write today. I also got a new electric razor for my birthday, it's pretty cool. It's a shame I needed one though, I got a really good one that cost over a hundred dollars a couple of Christmases ago. It was one of those ones that have the base it goes in, and it cleans itself whenever your done. But it broke a while back, it was still usable, but just barely, it kept trying to fall apart. This one I got this year is pretty cool too. It's one of those new Remington Titanium ones. It's got titanium blades that are supposed to be extra sharp, and stay that way for a long time. It's not self-cleaning like the old one, but that's actually kinda good, because the cleaning solution packs for the old one were expensive. Each one lasted a month, and you got two in a box for almost 30 dollars. You could buy a whole new razor every 8 months or so for that cost. And from my sister I got a stuffed animal. But it's actually really cool. It's Ein from Cowboy Bebop. It's cool, I like it. Me and my sister went to the comic book store a week or so ago, and we saw it there, and I thought it was cool, and I almost bought it myself but it was $17.95. I went back a couple of days later and it was gone, it turns out my sister went back there and bought it the next day.

The reason I don't have much time to write is that I have to go to the doctor in a little bit, and then I have to go to work. I was supposed to be off today, but a couple of weeks ago Sarah took a vacation back to Oregon to see her family or something, and then a couple of days before she was supposed to come back, we heard from her cousin that she wasn't probably going to come back at all. It turns out now she is coming back, but not until the 12th, or something like that. So I have to work today after all. I have to go to the doctor at 1:00. My Lexapro free samples are all gone now, and I'm supposed to go back today, so the doctor can see if it's been working or not, and if it is he's gonna give me a prescription for it. It shouldn't take too long, but I just hate that I have to go there and work today, mainly because it cuts into my video game time.

It's almost Christmas! Hooray! Me and Alicia already exchanged our Christmas presents a couple of days ago. I got her a copy of The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. It's a book of weird, funny poems by Tim Burton. It seems like she really liked it, she was laughing at it just thumbing through it. She got me a little Chinese Laughing Buddha statue. It can go next to my other Buddha statues. It's pretty cool, though those laughing Buddhas are kinda weird looking. He's got huge pointy tits, too.

This Christmas is kinda sad, because it's the first year that we're not doing the whole "Santa" thing. By the time I was old enough for everyone to stop with the Santa act, my little sister was born, so we kept it up for her, but now she's 13, and hasn't believed in a few years, so this year we're not doing it at all. Usually we open our presents from each other on Christmas Eve, and then Christmas morning we open the presents from Santa. But this year we're just opening all our presents on Christmas morning. It's sad.

Ok, that's it.

Friday, December 19, 2003


Thursday, December 18, 2003

Dude, I am seriously excited today. I can't wait for my birthday tomorrow. First I have to go find a Christmas present for Alicia, but then the rest of the day is mine. I'm going to have to definitely limit my calories today, because tomorrow I'm pigging out. First I'm going to Taste of China Buffet for lunch, and then we'll probably get Jo's Pizza for dinner. Jo's has the world's best pizza, but it's so expensive we mostly save it for special occasions. It's like $20 a pizza. Then I'm probably going to go to the movies, and either see The Last Samurai again, or Lord of the Rings, if there's not a line. By then it will be late enough I can come home and open my presents. I'm pretty sure one of them is Dragonball Z Budokai 2 so then that's how I will spend the rest of the night, and the next week, is playing that.

Since my birthday is so close to Christmas, we always just put my birthday presents under the tree too. They've been sitting in there for about a week. I wonder what my sister got me. The package feels about empty, even though it's a pretty good size. It looks and feels like she got me something pretty small, but stuck it in a large shoe box to wrap it. She probably won't be here when I open my present tomorrow. One of her friend's birthday parties is also tomorrow, and they're all going up to Oklahoma City somewhere to play laser tag. She's all excited about that too because her borfriend is supposed to be there too, and be on her team. But he told her already that he usually betrays his teammates and shoots them too. This kids birthday was supposed to be last Friday, but they postponed it because it snowed and everything last Friday. They're supposed to be gone really late too, I don't know why they're going to be gone that long. They're supposed to be gone from about 5:00 to 11:00 pm.

Well, I'm gonna go play video games for a while before I have to go to work. Oh, another cool thing about my birthday is that I requested off at work so I don't have to work tomorrow, and tomorrow's a Friday, our busiest night. I am so glad I don't have to work it. I was laughing at the managers the other night, because they were upset that I wasn't going to be there on a Friday, since I'm their best worker. I am glad I don't have to, I've worked every Friday for a long time now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 Man allegedly calls 911 to demand police arrest his cat

I am in the greatest mood today. I'm not sure why, I just am. I think part of it is the excellent CD I burned today. The track list is as follows:

Boys of Summer - The Ataris
Thank You - Dido
Touch of Grey - The Grateful Dead
November Rain - Guns N' Roses
Civil War - Guns N' Roses
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
Sister Christian - Night Ranger
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
It's the End of the World as We Know It - R.E.M.
The One I Love - R.E.M.
Stand - R.E.M.

The CD rocks. Almost every song on it is a song I absolutely love. Touch of Grey is now my favorite song. It's one of the greatest songs ever made. It's also the first music video I remember seeing. When I was a little kid this amazing video came out, and my whole family loved it. Whenever it came on we'd always tell each other and we'd all watch it. It is such a cool video. It was made up to look like a live performance by the Grateful Dead, but every now and then during the song they would change to skeletons. It was these skeletons dressed up to look like the band members, and they were like on wires and stuff, so it looked like they were playing the music and singing and stuff.

I went shopping today, mainly to try to finally find a present for my dad. I had no idea what to get him, and neither does my mom, she doesn't know what to get him at all. I also needed to find a present for Alicia, but I forgot to do that. I found something for my dad, a cheap little tool kit thing to keep in your car. I bought a lot of stuff for myself while I was there too. I ended up spending like 50 dollars today. The other day I bought a lot of manga, I got three books of the Dragonball manga, and an issue of Shonen Jump manga magazine.

I was going to go to the movies and see The Last Samurai again, but then I realized that the new Lord of the Rings movie came out today, so I knew I wouldn't be able to get near the theater, and I had also spent enough money already today. I'm going to have to go out again Friday and do some more shopping, and find something for Alicia. Friday's also my birthday, yay!

Alicia gave me my birthday present today, it's cool. It's a wind chime, which, like she said, is kinda a girly present, but it's still cool, because it's got Chinese symbols on it.

I'm gonna go do some online shopping now. For Christmas my parents are giving me $150 dollars to use to order stuff I want from the internet with. That sentence was really awkward, but I tried writing it several different ways, and that was the best I could do. I know it violated a few rules of grammar though, for example, you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.

Monday, December 15, 2003

I just bit my cheek, and for some reason, the blood tastes like asparagus.

I'm bored. I've been in a chat room for several hours now, even though the chat room sucks.

There's nothing on tv, other than Wayne's World 2, which sucks. I love the first movie, but this one sucks.

I'm tired too. I have to go to work later.

Just a few more days until my birthday, hooray.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Friday, December 12, 2003

Well, it's raining, but it doesn't look like we'll get the snow they predicted. They've already cut down their predictions for this part of the state. They are getting inches of snow north of us, but down here they've got us in "trace to 3 inches." We probably wont even get that, unless its late tonight, it's 43 degrees outside here. It will probably freeze later, and then at least it will be icy from all the rain, but who knows if we'll get any snow. If it wasn't for work I'd wish it wouldn't do anything, because I don't want it to be bad tomorrow when I'm off, but I wish it would do something tonight so we'd be dead at work, instead of extremely busy.

Almost my birthday. I never know how I should count the days. Do I count today? Do I count the day of my birthday, since my parents make me wait until the approximate time of my birth to give me my presents, which is like 6:30 in the evening? If I don't count today, or my birthday, it's only five days. If I count both, it's seven.

Wow, it's raining pretty good now. And I'm bored. I've been playing Budokai for the last hour or so, but I'm bored with that now, and there's nothing on TV except for The Powerpuff Girls, which, yes, I usually watch, but I've seen most of the episodes at least 10 times.

I think I'll do something I don't do very often: go to a chat room. I usually avoid chatrooms because 99.999% of them are incredibly stupid people trying to find someone to have cyber sex with. I only go to them when extremely bored. This one is pretty good usually though. It's a Japan chat room on AOL, lots of talk about Japan and Anime usually. Hmm, today it looks like it sucks though. There's 20 something people in the room, but only the 5 or 6 stupidest are talking. Here's an excerpt from the fascinating conversation:

Dragonne59297290: there are asian here ?
Soldierblack814: YALL B SAFE GOTTA GO BYE
King Eva of NERV: What is troubling you Aithanx?
Glitterz15X: hehehe yah'had to lett the dog in
King Eva of NERV: You too Soldier
DTKurisu: 4( < a href="">. MOI DIX MOIS - Forbidden )
Kojiotmodachi: i'm bored no girls wonna talk to me
Glitterz15X: im a gurl but
King Eva of NERV: Maybe if you were nice
Glitterz15X: no thenks
King Eva of NERV: Koji
King Eva of NERV: lol
Glitterz15X: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aithanx: Well, if ya really must know doctor
Glitterz15X: ah im right beside eva again
Mondshine: k gotta go bye everyone!
Glitterz15X: hug
Glitterz15X: (hugs)
King Eva of NERV: (puts on spectacles)

The stupidity makes my head hurt. I'm gonna go try to find something else to do.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

What I don't get about holiday shopping...

Wow, I can't beleive it, I figured for sure I'd be up a pound or two today, because I feel fat, and I've eaten a lot the last few days. But then I weighed this morning, and I'm down another 2 pounds, down to 259, that's a total of 20 pounds lost! Hoo-rah.

Getting pretty close to my birthday. It's next Friday. I wish it was this Friday.

Dammit, that movie Held Up is coming on Comedy Central. I hate that movie, and they usually show it at least once a week. It's a horrible movie, I can't beleive anyone watches it, or that it made any money at all when it was in the theaters.

The temperature is going up pretty quick today, it's 46 degrees now, and just a few hours ago it was only 27 degrees. Tomorrow we're supposed to get between 3 and 5 inches of snow. I'll beleive that when I see it. It may do that in Oklahoma City, but here where I am, only about 30 miles south of OKC, it hardly ever snows or anything, maybe an inch or two at the most. People panic around here though. If we get half an inch of snow, they close all the schools and stuff. I hope we do get some snow tomorrow, because that means it will be really slow at work, instead of extremely busy like Fridays usually are.

It seems like there was something else I wanted to write about today, but I can't remember what it was now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

A joke I just read on the internet:

Q: What's the difference between a girlfriend and a wife?
A: 50 pounds.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Man, it's sleeting and snowing outside, and it's only like 32 degrees and the wind has been blowing about 40 to 50 mph all day today. This is after it was 76 degrees yesterday.

I went and saw The Last Samurai today. It was great. I don't know if everybody would love it as much as I did, but anyone who's as big a fan of Japanese culture as I am would love it. It's the number one movie right now though, so a lot of people must like it. It sounded like half the people in the theater (there were only about 20 people in there at the most anyway) were sniffling and crying at the end. It was a pretty good ending.

I also pigged out on Chinese food today. Today I went to Taste of China buffet and ate a lot. It was great.

Well, that's about it.

Monday, December 08, 2003

e-bay: Gothic Living Dead Christmas Zombie Girl

Yes, this white space is very annoying. At first I thought something was wrong with the site, but then I figured out that it's just because my posts are so short and far between now that my post area is much shorter than the sidebar. There's a big white space at the bottom of the page too. This post isn't going to be very long either. I just don't have anything much to write about lately. Just the usual work and video games. Work was very very busy two nights in a row a few days ago, it really sucked. I work tonight, but I only work lobby, so it will be a short, easy night, and then I'm off tomorrow. It's supposed to maybe snow tomorrow, even though right now it's 74 degrees outside. It's hot. Way too fucking hot for December.

Adam Sandler is on Saturday Night Live right now, singing the Lunchlady Land song, and Chris Farley is dancing around dressed as the lunchlady, and everyone else is dressed up as Sloppy Joe and all the other foods, and they are acting out the song as he sings. It's great. I think they're showing a best of Chris Farley thing, cool. I love Chris Farley.

I still haven't been exercising much lately. I'm still on my diet, but not exercising much. I'm going to get really serious after Christmas or New Years. I've lost another three pounds the last week, I'm down to 261, that's 18 pounds lost. I look a lot thinner now. I'm looking a lot better. I bought some new work pants the other day, and had to get a smaller size.

I can't wait for Christmas and my birthday, I'm getting lots of cool video games, most notably, Dragonball Z Budokai 2. I'm really looking forward to that game. I saw a commercial for it the other day, and it was so cool I thought I was going to have a seizure or something. Man, I'm a geek.

Hey, this post is a little longer that I figured it would be, it should get rid of that damn white space.

This Chris Farley thing is hilarious. They just showed a montage of some of his funniest physical comedy moments. He was great at falling down and breaking things.

Mmmm, I had Chinese food for lunch. I've been craving it for about two months.

They just said on CNN that Ozzy has revealed that he was totally out of it on prescription medications during their reality show.

Well, gotta go now. Hooray for the semi-long post.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Welcome to AsianIdeas -- Asian Gifts Online Really cool site.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Ah ha, I knew it should have been the opposite... It turns out they had the times wrote backwards on the bulletin board regarding the Christmas party at work last night. It was, in fact, 7:30 when the lobby closed, and 8:00 when the rest of the store closed. The party was about as stupid as I figured, just people I see every day sitting around eating and talking. The food wasn't that great either. There were a few good laughs though. For example, Clarence was for some reason videotaping the event, and when I pointed this out to Daniel and Olivia, Olivia said "Carl's Jr. Workers Gone Wild!" And that cracked us up, and then they almost died laughing when I said "Do NOT tell Mike that, cause he'll do it!" If you knew Mike you'd laugh, and maybe vomit. Mike is this big guy that works there, and he weighs about 500 pounds, and he's got a really sick/weird sense of humor, and if someone had mentioned that to him, there's a good chance he would have lifted his shirt or something. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it.

Well, time to get ready for another sucky day at work. The last time I was off was Sunday, and I'm not off again until Saturday.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Christmas party tonight at work. It's probably going to suck. It's not going to be much, not like usual. Usually we have games and exchange presents and stuff, but this year it's just going to be a meal, and from the looks of the who's-bringing-what list, not much of a meal at that. I wonder who's coming, hardly anyone has signed up to come, but they'll probably show up anyway. On the good side, we get to close early tonight for the party. For some reason drive-thru is closing at 7:30 and the lobby and everything else at 8:00. That doesn't make sense, it should be the other way around, drive-thru should close at 8:00, and lobby at 7:30, since the party is being held in the lobby. I get to work lobby tonight too, which is good and bad. Good, because lobby is easy, and I can definitely have everything done by 8:00, I probably couldn't get everything in drive-thru done by the time we closed, but it's bad because lobby closes at 8:00, and the party starts right after that, but I'll have to go home and change clothes and get the food I'm bringing, and then come back, and it will be almost 8:30 by then.

I gained a total of three pounds on Thanksgiving and the days of leftovers, but I've lost it all again already. I haven't been able to walk the last few days, because the weather's getting pretty cold now, and the wind still sucks. The wind has been blowing like crazy for the last three weeks. It's 20mph and up almost every day. The slow days it's only 15mph.

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City constantly the last few days. I've been playing it for almost five hours so far today. And I never do any of the missions or anything, I just use cheat codes to give myself all the weapons and stuff like that, and then run around killing everyone and blowing stuff up. It's fun. I let my sister watch me play it a few days ago, and she thought it was the funniest thing ever. She's evil though. Maybe I should bring her to the Christmas party tonight, family is invited. For some reason several of the people there thinks she's evil and is scared of her or something, so it would be funny to bring her. But I'm not going to.