Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

I'm tired and sore today, from all the exercise I got yesterday. But it was worth it, I've lost two more pounds. I'm down 7 pounds total, meaning I now weigh 272. I don't really have a target weight set, I'll just have to wait and see what I look and feel like at certain weights. I figure 225 will be a good target. That sounds kind of high, but I have big bones and a lot of muscle. According to those height/weight chart things, I should weigh 175, but I had my body fat percentage measured a few years ago, and the doctor told me that I have such big bones and so much muscle that my lean body mass alone was 175 pounds at that time, meaning that even if I had 0% body fat, which is impossible, I'd still probably be slightly overweight. I've gained some more muscle mass since that time too, so I figure 225 or so will probably be as low as I can get.

I love my new jacket, it rules. And I really needed it today too. I went out and did some more walking and running this morning and it was only 45 degrees with a very heavy fog. The fog was so thick you could only see barely a block, and water was dripping off things. I'm so sore and tired I didn't do quite as much as I did yesterday, I only walked about two miles today, and jogged maybe 100 meters, probably not quite that much.

I gotta get ready for work soon. I'm actually looking forward to work tonight, because I think tonight is the night I get to work the lobby instead of drive-thru, I hope it's tonight, it may be tomorrow. If so, I will be disappointed. I like working the lobby, mainly because I get tired of drive-thru all the time, and also because I can get the lobby done really quickly and usually get sent home really early. Also, even though the lobby has less work to do than drive through, the work that there is is better exercise, if you do it right. There's lots of lifting and moving chairs, and bending down and scrubbing bathroom walls and stuff like that.

Well, gotta go. I'm gonna play Dragonball Z: Budokai some more before I go to work. I've been playing that a lot again the last few days. I'm addicted to it. Any time I'm not at work or exercising, I'm playing it.