Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, November 21, 2003

I just heard a cool song lyric "Everybody's trying to be a friend of mine, even a dog can shake hands." For some reason I find that line to be really cool.

I'm bored.

No weight loss the last couple of days, still 269. I haven't been exercising as much the last couple of days again. Mainly just a bunch of walking. I have good willpower when it comes to the dieting, but I just hate exercising. I'm off tomorrow, so I'll probably do a bunch tomorrow. I'm finally seeing some improvements though. I'm up to 40 situps, and 20 pushups without stopping. If I rest for a minute I can do even more. I walked all the way around the lake this morning. I plan on going around twice tomorrow.

Ugh, I have to fill out this damn Nielsen Ratings book now. I thought about filling it out all wrong, saying I watched things I would never watch, just to mess them up. And I don't want them to know my tv viewing habits, I'm paranoid enough as it is.