Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I guess that weight I gained probably was just water or something, because now today I'm down four pounds from where I was yesterday, making me 269, with a total of ten pounds lost. I spent a lot of my day exercising again. This morning I went to the lake like usual. Today I only went about a mile or so, but I ran three times during that mile, for maybe 50 meters each time. Then I went home and exercised for 15 minutes or so. Then around 3:00 I went to the lake again, and this time I walked the entire way around it, which is a distance of somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles. What was amazing is that it only took me an hour to do it, it always used to take me about an hour and half or an hour forty-five. While I was walking it I thought "Wow, I feel good, not even tired or anything, I could go around again," but I didn't because I didn't figure I had enough time before dark, but then as I was driving home I realized how quickly I got around the lake, and that I could've done it again, but I didn't go back. I kind of ate a lot tonight though. I barely ate anything today, but this evening at dinner I ate a lot, because my mom cooked a bunch of delicious, greasy, cheesy, Mexican food. I wasn't going to eat but a few bites of it, but in the end I ate a lot more than I should've. But, like they say on those commercials, I ate Subway today for lunch, so my indulgence tonight isn't so bad. I hope I'm down even more tomorrow. I might be with all the exercise I did today. I wish I was off tomorrow so I could exercise all day tomorrow too, but I'm not off again until Saturday.

I also went shopping today, and I got the Kill Bill soundtrack while I was out. It rocks almost as much as the movie did. Of course, the music was one of the great parts of the movie. I wanted to see the movie again while I was out today, but nowhere was showing it. It wasn't at the good theater, which didn't really surprise me, since it's been out so long, but they weren't even showing it at the cheap theater that shows slightly older movies. I left again a couple of hours ago, I was gonna go by work to check the new schedule and see what I work this week. I was going to go to the bookstore afterwards, but I ended up staying at work for about an hour and a half, talking to Daniel and Stacey. Mmmmmm... Stacey.