Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ugh, I have to work with the Crystal bitch tonight. At least she gets off at nine, meaning I will only have to put up with her for five hours. Also good, we close half an hour early, at ten, tonight. Some people are coming to clean the exhaust vents over the cookers tonight. They do that about every six months or so.

Looks like me and Alicia are going to have to find a new movie night. I won't know what my schedule is until tonight, but they said yesterday that I'm probably going to have to start working Thursdays and Mondays, which have been being my days off. They fired Jennifer, thank god, but that leaves us with only three people, counting me, to work the two front line positions all week. And I think they said that out of the other two people, one of them can't work Thursdays, and the other can't work on Mondays, or something like that, so I have to work those nights.

Man, it is so hot in here. Or it is to me. Ever since I started taking Zoloft I'm always hot. No matter what the temperature is, I'm sweating. It was 68 degrees in my house yesterday, and I was so hot I could barely breathe.