Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Tonight at work I got bored, so I wrote a portion of a story. A few minutes ago me and Alicia were talking in an Instant Message, and I told her the story. I didn't finish the story when I wrote it, so she finished it. Here is the completed story.

One day Timmy was just sitting around when he heard a loud noise coming from the back yard. He ran outside to see what was happening, and found that his puppy had exploded. Timmy didn't care much, as he had always hated that puppy anyway. But still, he was curious as to why it had exploded. Looking around, he found a portal to the netherworld, so he stepped through it...

Lo and behold, the Timmy was transported to a magical ass factory, distributing all the fat to Jennifer Lopez's butt. Once Timmy had slipped in the lard several times, he decided that enough was enough, and he tried to find the portal to the other world. He couldn't find anything but fat and dead puppies. Dead puppies? What was that all about? Fatty McGee laughed evilly. "You can NEVER ESCAPE JENNIFER LOPEZ!!" Timmy screamed like a girl. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I will never obey the JLO LAW!" Then Fatty McGee shot him with a lard-o-ray, which caused him to gain many pounds, and he screamed again. "NOO! NOW I WILL NEVER ACHIEVE WORLD DOMINATION, OR FIND OUT WHY MY PUPPY EXPLODED!!" Fatty McGee cackled maniacally. "I did it! I killed your puppy! Just because..." he broke into a Whitney Houston's version of 'I will always love you'. Then Timmy's head exploded. The end.