Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, October 31, 2003

So, Happy Halloween indeed. I'm bored as hell. It's Halloween, it's a Friday night, and I'm sitting at home alone. I'm so bored that I'm actually watching King of the Hill, and I hate that show. I've just been sitting at home all day, I haven't even left the house. FX was having a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon earlier, so I spent a few hours watching that.

I've got a really bad headache now for some reason.

Last night at work wasn't too bad, in fact it was kinda fun. Last night was Halloween for Purcell, because there's a big football game tonight, so we celebrated Halloween last night. I think that's incredibly stupid, but they've done that several times before. Work wasn't as busy as it usually is on Halloween, and it's was kinda fun, since most of the employees were in costume. I didn't wear a costume, I just told people I was the disgruntled employee that's going to kill everyone. Alicia was a Fairy Princess, or something like that, and Daniel was Drew Carey. He looked exactly like him, it was funny. I don't know what Stacy was, she didn't even know for sure, she was just wearing this really cool dress. She said it was supposed to be Goth looking, but they were out of black, so she bought a red one. She looked more like some kind of princess or something. She looked good, whatever she was. Stacy's cool, except every time I work with her I always get that damn "Stacy's Mom" song stuck in my head.

I think I'm gonna go look at porn now. Hooray for porn.