Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

My phone line is still messing up, but we've figured out the problem, and hopefully we'll get it fixed tomorrow.

It did this same thing about a year ago, but we never figured out the problem. I get online, but then I get booted, and then when I try to sign back on, there's already computer modem noises on the line even before my computer dials. So, teh last time this happened, I found out that if I unplugged the line from my computer, and plugged it into the phone, I could hit the disconnect button on the phone over and over until it hung up and went back to a dial tone. But then I'd usually get booted again as soon as I got back on. Then I found that sometimes, while I was messing with the phone, I'd hear a phone dial and then modem connection noises, even though the line wasn't hooked to my computer. But tonight, something new happened. One of the times when i picked up the phone, I could hear someone else talking, and dialing. I listened in several times, and then one of the times they called someone, and asked the person what number their caller ID said they were calling from, and the person told them that it said they were calling from Larry Underwood's house, which is my father's name, and it was giving our number and everything. I should mention too, that this phone line isn't our main line, it's just a second phone line we use for my computer only. The people were talking about how their phone was messing up, and wondering who Larry Underwood was, and said they were going to call the phone company tomorrow. Finally, I spoke up, and told them that I was at Larry Underwood's house, and told them what had been happening. They told me that they had just moved into this house, and that is was only supposed to have one phone line, but in the back room there was this black phone connected to a different line, but they had no idea what it's number or anything was, but they'd been using it anyway, as a phone line for their computer, which explains the dialing and modem noises I'd been hearing. So, for some reason, these people have a second phone in their house which is on our line, with our phone number, and whenever they use it, it says it's us. So tomorrow we're both going to call the phone company, and hopefully get this sorted out. They said they just moved in, but apparently the people who lived there before were doing the same thing, because this same stuff happened almost exactly a year ago. I just wonder how our phone line got in this other house.

Weird stuff.

HORRIBLE NEWS! No movies tomorrow! Alicia can't go! I'm sad.

For some reason my Zoloft hasn't been doing anything the last two days. Yesterday and today it had no effects at all, good or bad. I'm getting sick now too. I've had a sore throat the last two days. It's really sore today, it kept waking me up this morning it hurt so bad. And now I'm getting all congested and stuffy too.

I'm tired tonight, I'll probably go to bed early.