Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, October 06, 2003

I've been having trouble getting and staying online tonight. The Zoloft was working good today, I even went to the mall and some other places today, and didn't get nervous or anything. But then tonight I got upset, and that caused the Zoloft to quit working, and I've felt bad ever since. The reason I'm upset is because people are mad at Alicia, and it's my fault, and so she probably hates me now. I mentioned to Daniel that Alicia thought the party sucked and now Daniel and Olivia are all mad at her. It sucks.

Now it's time for another installment of "What I bought today." I went to Hot Topic today and bought an air freshener that says "Worst Smell Ever," on it, and also a Hamtaro Pez dispenser. Well, it's not really a Pez dispenser, but it's basically the same thing. It dispenses those little Smarties candies instead of Pez, which is cool, because Pez sucks. Then I went to the comic book store and bought the latest issue of Lenore and a pack of Garbage Pail Kids cards. Yes, the Garbage Pail Kids are back. They're pretty funny, I only saw a couple of them back when I was a kid and they were popular. This site is hilarious, it's got dozens of funny flash animations. Some of them were so funny I got light-headed laughing. Especially good are the Blode cartoons. They've got really cool music too, especially the first one, I keep watching it over and over just to hear the awesome music.

I'm gonna go explode now.