Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I'm still sick. I was supposed to work tonight, but I called in sick. I got some new medicine today, and it seems to be helping though. I feel a lot better already. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.

Alicia drew me another picture at work the other day. This one shows a little kid in a devil costume, or maybe it's supposed to actually be the devil, but I assume it's a child, and he's holding out a bag and saying "Twick or motherfucking tweat!" It's funny. She said it was supposed to make me not sick anymore, but it didn't work. I still like it though. I like it when she draws me pictures. Used to I would sometimes write little stories for her at work. We'd just stand there all night drawing weird pictures and stories and stuff, it was fun. We don't work together anymore though. She works days now, and I work nights, so I only get to see her for a little while when I first come in, if she hasn't gone home already. I'm glad we go to the movies every week now, I like being around Alicia, she's fun. I hope nothing comes up this week and we don't get to go, like last week.

I don't have much else to write about now. I'm starting to get tired too, must be the medicine. So here's some links.

Here's a really cool game. It's kinda like Myst or something. You can click on things, and they do different things, and you have to figure out what to do. It's really well done, and has some really beautiful visuals. A hint: On the first screen, click the little pipe/tower thing at the top to get started. These are some of the weirdest flash animations I've ever seen. They're all really short cartoons about poop. Very demented.

80's Tees This is a cool site. As the name implies, they sell t-shirts with stuff from the 80's on them.

World War Bush Some anti-Bush rants. Pretty funny.