Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

This is really weird, my father has a mouse in his truck. He went out there this morning and it was just sitting there looking at him. He said it seemed tame or something, it didn't even hide from it, it just started playing and running around in circles. He thinks it's finally run out of his truck, but he's not sure.

Cool, I just heard thunder. It's supposed to storm today, but it looks on the radar like it might pass just a few miles north of us. I hope not, I wish it would rain and storm all day, and all night at work. That would make the 8 hour shift a little more enjoyable. I work with Sarah, the new girl again tonight, so we'll see if she's a good worker or not tonight.

Hanson is on Saturday Night Live singing that "Mmm, Bop" song. I hate them. They are from Tulsa, Oklahoma. That town would suck now, if not for the fact that that is also where Weird Al Yankovic filmed his movie UHF. Or I think he did anyway, because in the credits it says something about thanks to the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I just went into the other room, and for some reason my parents are watching Hanson.

Hey, more thunder. Maybe the storm will hit soon.

Oh, and some more good news that I forgot to mention last night. Crystal is next on the list of people to be fired at work. They'll probably fire her the next time she does anything wrong, or calls in. We all hope so.

Something else... Alicia is crazy today, or something.