Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Ok, so the other night me and Alicia went to see Underworld. The movie sucked. It may be the number one movie right now, but I didn't like it. It was too long and boring. It had a few good parts, but most of it was boring and stupid. The werewolves looked horrible too. And the vampire were too wimpy. The main character vampire almost died in a stupid car accident. What kind of vampire dies in a car wreck? She didn't die, but she was unconscious for quite some time, and would've died if the human hadn't saved her from drowning. The plot was needlessly complex, well, not really complex, but they didn't come out and tell you what the plot was until the movie was almost over. They just kept hinting at things, and you never really knew what was going on until about 3/4s of the way through the movie.

I still had fun, but that was just the being with Alicia fun, the movie sucked, and kinda put me in a bad mood.

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Bookmarkmania A blog that is nothing but links to other sites. Usually has a few pretty good ones.

What Really Happened

Greg's Digital Archive Anyone who has any brains at all knows that all those beautiful women in ads and magazines and stuff are heavily airbrushed and run through computers, the end product being something that looks nothing like the real woman, or pretty much any woman in existence. Well, the owner of this website is one of the people that does this to the pictures, and he has collected some before and after sets. First you see the finished product (for that is what she is, a product), but roll your mouse over the picture and see the real woman. The woman in this example looks incredibly beautiful after all the processing, but the real woman is actually somewhat ugly. They shave about 20 pounds off of her, almost completely change the color of her skin and eyes, give her a completely new belly button, take off about half her chin and completely change the shape of her face and get rid of the hollows in her cheeks and the bags under her eyes, smooth her skin, and enlarge her breasts. And this is what people base their standards of beauty on, something that doesn't even exist in real life, like Barbie. No wonder all the girls and women are so fucked up in the heads anymore. Don't take that the wrong way, I'm not bad mouthing women, but most of them, especially the teenage girls, are pretty messed up anymore. I think the so called beauty magazines and teen girl magazines, things like Cosmo, and Seventeen and all those are the most evil things in the world, and should be banned. They are responsible for everything that is wrong with young women. They also encourage the sexification of young girls, these 12 and 13 year old girls going around wearing sexy clothing and too much make-up, looking like Britney Spears and Christina Aquilera. Most people blame them for making the girls that way, but they probably wouldn't look like that themselves if it wasn't for these magazines and stuff.

Ok, I could rant about this for hours, from here I could go into teen sex and kids having kids, but I'm going to stop myself here. This is an issue I feel very strongly about though. These magazines, and the fashion and music industries must be stopped.