Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003 Cartoon Network just advertised a new show, called "Clone Wars." That's right, a Star Wars cartoon! I'm so excited I may soil myself. I just hope it's as cool as it could be. Most likely though, it will suck. Please let it be cool, please let it be cool, please let it be cool...

Tonight at work Crystal kept claiming she was pregnant. I don't think anyone believed her though. Then she said she was joking, then she said that no, she really was pregnant. She kept changing her story. She claimed she was three months pregnant, I especially don't believe that, she's tiny, she's incredibly skinny. If she was three months pregnant, you could tell.

Also at work today, Alicia drew a really weird, somewhat horrible, hamster. I brought it home and showed it to my sister, and she freaked out. She was like "Oh my god! It's horrible looking, but it's also kinda cute!"

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