Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, September 29, 2003

My Chatterbox is developing quite an interesting cast of characters. Richard Simmons, Tinky Winky, the Hamster. I should let one of them write a guest post on my blog or something.

Last night at work I discovered a very interesting dollar bill in my drawer. Around the edge of the front of the bill someone has written, "Janet Cartwrigt is fucking whore ass bitch!" Whoever did this has terrible spelling and grammar. On the back of the bill, right across the middle, is, "Janet is a bitch!" Possibly the most interesting thing about these messages is that, judging by the handwriting, I'd say this was probably written by a girl, and not an ex-boyfriend or something. The handwriting looks very girly, there's like loops on the J's and G's and B's. I'm going to scan the bill in. I probably won't post it here, at least not yet, but I am going to submit it to, they may put it up on their site.

This is really weird: Today I went to Christie's Toybox to get a couple of new porno magazines, and there was this one three-pack of magazines that came with a free pair of panties. They weren't supposedly used by the models or anything, they were new panties. White panties with little red hearts on them. They were wrapped around the magazines and the whole thing was wrapped in plastic, as porno magazines usually are. This seemed very strange to me. I guess some guys just want a pair of panties laying around the house, or maybe the guy's a crossdresser and wants to wear them. Or maybe they think if they give them to their girlfriends or wives they wont mind them buying the porn. I don't know. The magazines they were packaged with weren't any kind of weird fetish magazine or anything, it was just a straightforward sex mag. And no, I didn't buy them. I did buy a couple of magazines, but they didn't come with free panties or anything like that.

Today's been a pretty boring day. It's also gone by really quick. I had to get up early today because I had to drive all the way down to USAO in Chickasha to get a copy of my college transcript for my prison guard job interview. At least it was cold and rainy today, that made driving all that way cool. Then I came home and filled out my applications for the job thing, and then I went to the city and went to Christie's Toybox, as stated previously. I hardly got any sleep last night, so I'm really tired today. I only slept about 4 and a half hours. It was some time after 4:00 in the morning before I went to sleep, and then I got up at 9:00

I got an email today saying that the poster I ordered had finally shipped. About a week after I ordered it. It shoulda been here by now, according to the website. They say they usually ship within 24 hours, and delivery time takes from five to seven days, I think it was.

I just saw the stupidest commercial on TV. I thought it was a joke at first, but it wasn't. Mattel just commited suicide. They are now attempting to sell "Secret Spells Barbie." Basically it was Wicca Barbie. This woman says "In a secret location, on a secret night, three girls get together to create secret spells. Spells for luck, for money, and even love." And there's these dolls of Barbie and her friends and they're wearing gowns and stuff, and they come with little cauldrons and everything. They are going to get boycotted for sure for this.

Here's a link Chris sent me earlier: -- Where Prawn Goes Porn Funny site, but some of the animated graphics are messed up.

I want a copy of this video game, it's Chiller, the most senselessly violent and bloody game ever made. And it was made back in 1986. This article comes from retroCRUSH, which is a pretty cool website.

Nude-Anon -- I Think I Know Her! "It's really a pretty simple idea... You want to take nude pics of your girlfriend/wife/whatever, but she's afraid "someone we know will see it on the web." She's right. That's why you should make it anonymous. Just take the picture from the neck down, or have her wear a mask, you get the idea..." -- Hot Model & Celebrity Wallpapers -- FREE! This is a great site that I've been spending a lot of time at lately. Lots of really hot pictures. They also have nude pictures. Mmmm, naked photos of Carmen Electra.

Well, I was done, but Melissa just sent me this: Subliminal Pictures and Messages on Vending Machines This is cool, I wish they had more pictures up.

Ok, I'm tired. I've been working on this post for over four hours because I kept stopping to look at all these web pages. And so now I leave you with a quote.

"I went to confession the other day. I said, 'You first.'" -- Dennis Miller