Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I'm beginning to think this Chatterbox thing was a bad idea. First, only one person that I didn't previously know is using it, and, second, I now have three people who want me to dress up as Richard Simmons for Halloween. I AM NOT dressing up as Richard Simmons, not now, not ever, and that is my final answer. Me dressing up as Richard Simmons would be wrong in so many ways. First off, I'm disgusting and fat, and the sight of me in short shorts and a tank top would be very harmful to others. Second, I am not gay, but many people think I am, so I am not going to give them anything to make them any more sure that I am gay. Also, I have no afro, and I don't think my hair could be made to afro.

Ok, I have something else to write about, but I'm gonna do it in a new post, it belongs in its own post, and not in a post that talks about Richard Simmons.