Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, September 29, 2003

If you donate $2 to Flooble they put a link to your site up on their site. They show five at a time, and your link will be up there until it is pushed off the list by new links. Which can take some time apparently, because the same five links have been up there since I found out about Flooble a couple of weeks ago. This makes it a very cheap advertisment for your site, which has the potential to be seen by lots of people. So today I donated $2. The guy who reviews the links is really quick at his job, because just about 15 minutes later I got this e-mail:

"Thanks for the donation - I added your link. (Your site name proved a bit
too long for the sidebar, so I used your name instead - if you prefer some
shorter version of your site's name, let me know)"

He then went on to say this:

"I also noticed in your chatterbox that you did not approve of the way
avatar posts are being designated. Would it be helpful if you were able to
pick the way in which they are?"

Who says bitching and whining never accomplished anything?