Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm actually looking forward to working with Crystal tonight. I still hate her, but we've hired two other people now that I actually hate working with even more than I hate working with Crystal. One's a guy named Tanner, who's an idiot. Everyone thinks so, not just me. He worked here one other time, and got fired because he got arrested two or three times in a little over a week. But the person I really hate working with is Jennifer, because she's kinda stupid, and even though she's been working there over a week, she still can't do anything right. You have to tell her how to do things two or three times a night. Then the next time she works, you have to do it again. The main reason I hate working with her though, is that she stares at me the entire night. So do her friends every time they come in, they all stare at me. Curtis said she was even asking him about me while I was on break last night. I thought she was going to rape me in the closet the other night. I was in the storage closet getting some window cleaner, and she opened the door because she needed something from the closet too, but while she was waiting for me to get done, she just stood there in the door giving me this really weird look. I'm not interested in her at all, I don't care how much she stares at me. She's gross, and so are all her friends. So that's why I'm actually glad that I work with Crystal tonight, especially since the last couple of times I've worked with her she hasn't bothered me, she mainly ignores me now. Good. This is the only night I have to work with her this week. I have to work with Jennifer three times this week. Help me.

I've been watching that Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon documentary thing I bought the other night. It's pretty cool. I'm gonna go finish watching it now, before I have to go to work.