Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Hooray for days off. I certainly needed one. I did stuff today! For a change. Look at all the small sentences! It's fun! Let's type more small sentences! Okay, so that one wasn't so small. Neither was that one. Nevermind. Hey, that one was short again. So was the one before it. I can't stop. Someone make me stop. Give me money and I'll stop. I have a paypal button. No one has ever used it. Bastards. I hate you.

Ok, I'm done. Or am I? I was lying. Because I hate you.

Ok, now I really am done, this sentence will be long, see?

So anyway, now that the stupid shit is over, I will finish what I was talking about. I did things today, I actually left the house. I also spent lots of money, about $110. first I spent $25 dollars on an oil change for my car, it needed it. I've been putting it off, and was about 2000 miles overdue for one. If I had had it done when it was supposed to have been done, it would almost be time for another one. Then I went to Best Buy. They were having a DVD sale, three DVDs for $30, but there was only like 20 DVDs to choose from for the sale, and I couldn't find three that I wanted. I already had most of the good ones. The only one I really wanted was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, then I decided to get Shanghai Noon for the second one, but then I couldn't find a third one I wanted, so in the end I didn't get the special sale. I just bought Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. I already own The Meaning of Life on VHS, and it's my least favorite Monty Python movie, but this new DVD has six hours of deleted scenes and extras, so I had to get it.

Then I went to Hot Topic, and bought lots of stuff. I bought a cool t-shirt that says "The Flying Hamster of Doom rains coconuts on your pitiful city," and has a picture of a cute little winged hamster. You can see it here, though this is the sticker, not the t-shirt. The shirt looks cooler. I also bought a bunch of buttons. Man, why are those buttons so expensive? They're $1.50 each, I spent $12.00 on buttons. I don't know why I even buy the buttons, I've never even worn any of them, but I still like buying them. I have probably 20-25 buttons.

Buttons I bought today:
- A green button that says "Your Mom," looks like it's wrote in chalk on a chalkboard.
- A button that says "Worst Button Ever." No picture, just text.
- A button with Hamtaro on it. (Another hamster-related item. I love hamsters.)
- A button that says "Don't tell me what kind of day to have."
- A button that says "I'm with Stupid --->" (I've always wanted one of those t-shirts.)
- A button with Lucy (from the Charlie Brown comics) looking angry about something and it says "No.1 Crab."
- A button with Animal (from the Muppet Show) shining a flashlight on his face, and it says "Me scary!"
- A button with Fozzie (from the Muppet Show) holding a banana to his ear like a telephone, and it says "Bananaphone." (I cracked up laughing right there in the store when I saw this one.)

Now if I only had something to wear these buttons on. I wanna wear them to work, that would be fun. When winter comes I'll put them all on my coat, but for now I have nothing to wear them on.

I also bought a poster of "Things you Learn from Video Games," which I posted in the previous post.

I'm off again tomorrow. I probably won't do anything tomorrow. I'm probably just gonna sit around the house all day and watch The Meaning of Life. Daniel and some others are playing Halo again tomorrow night, and want me to come, but I don't know if I will. I don't know how they can sit around playing the same game for so long. I get bored with Halo after a couple of hours, but last week they played it for 10 or 11 hours. I might go for a while, but probably not. I'd kinda like to get out of the house again tomorrow and be around people, but I don't really want to go play video games with them. I wish I was able to go out and try to pick up women, but I can't. I don't even know where to go to pick up women. I really want a girlfriend. I really should go get some Zoloft so I could talk to people.

Well, I've been writing this post for over an hour now. It's 1:00 a.m., I should go to bed soon. I hope I don't oversleep like I did this morning. I ended up sleeping until noon. I hate sleeping that late, it feels like the whole day is ruined. I was wanting to get up early, but instead, I overslept. I just noticed my left elbow is sunburned again. I always put that arm up in my car window when I'm driving, and it gets sunburned whenever I drive for more than an hour or two. My left arm in like the only part of my body that gets tan in the summer. My right arm gets slightly darker than in the winter, but my left arm gets a pretty good tan. The rest of my body won't tan no matter what I do. I can go around in shorts the entire summer, which I used to do until the last couple of years, and my legs will remain just as blindingly white as they always are.

I finally wrote a long post. It's been a while. Not counting my last few posts, they don't count, they were just test results, I didn't actually do much writing in them. But this post is good and long.

OK, time for bed.