Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Damn, it finally cleared off today, and was sunny and warm. It was back up in the 90s again. I liked the week of clouds and rain we'd been having.

I was supposed to be off today, but I had to work. They hired Crystal back, and then she came up yesterday and looked at the schedule and said "I told Allen I wasn't able to work Thursday!" She had to have off today, so I had to come in and work, which means I will be working six days in a row before my day off. I guess it's just as well, I just spend my days off bored out of my head. I'm bored right now.

Someone posted this to the alt.slack newsgroup. I think this is pretty much what it would be like if I ever tried to have cyber sex:

our players:
streees: 24/f/Peru (allegedly)
Ankara : representin' yo...

streees: turns over and shakes her chubby warm white arse front of ur face
says .. kiss my sweet ass :P~
Ankara: ok
streees: don't touch me .. just kiss it
Ankara: kissing it would be touching must be clearer than that
streees: just ur lips
Ankara: that...would still be touching you....even if I used a belt
sander....that would be touching you
streees: wild
streees: look
streees: where are you from ?
Ankara: I do not exist...
streees: are ur lips still over my silky curved hips
streees: i love it
Ankara: oh...I was still using the belt sander
streees: no
streees: i want smoothly
Ankara: would you like it if I switched to some other implement? um....I
have a garden weasel...
streees: for wht ?/
Ankara: umm.....gardening and's good for that kinda
streees: did you try it before ?
Ankara: just once.....but it was after I don't know how my
neighbors garden turned out...I suppose it worked ok
streees: no
Ankara: so what kinda nick is strees?
streees: just a nick name
Ankara: it's like stress with more eeee
streees: hehe
streees: wht do u like it ?
Ankara: a's not for me to like or not like...the
question is do you like it
streees: sure i am
Ankara: good
streees: wait .. am feeling the chair too cold down my nude ass gonna put a
Ankara: the chair is going down your nude ass? wow
streees: ok then lick my shaved pussy
Ankara: hmmm....I thought you wanted to chat...
streees: what .. you don't like ??
Ankara: well...shaved pussy is nice....but there is no real shaved pussy
here...there are only words on an electronic screen
streees: turst me it is
Ankara: ok..for the sake of argument we will assume that you are in
possession of (1) shaved pussy....ok?
streees: aha
streees: and ..
streees: look
streees: forget it
Ankara: ok...sorry I could not be of service......
streees: but am too hourny looking for fuck
streees: would u hold my breast while chatting
streees: its soo nice
Ankara: like hold front of an apple?
streees: yup
Ankara: sure why not
streees: nice ..
streees: rub it now
Ankara: with a polish it....or with a garden weasel....
streees: i think you just playing
streees: bye
=streees= has left irc
Ankara: did I just get some?