Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

All right all you Evanescence fans, check this out.

The Word of the Day for September 14 is:

evanescent \eh-vuh-NEH-sunt\ adjective
: tending to vanish like vapor

Example sentence:
For Marcy, the enchantment of the elegant ballroom was as
evanescent as Cinderella's gilded coach -- it vanished the
instant Dudley appeared.

Did you know?
The fragile, airy quality of things "evanescent"
reflects the word's etymology. "Evanescent" derives from the
Latin verb "evanescere," which means "to evaporate" or "to
vanish." English has several other words that mean lasting or
staying only a short time. "Ephemeral" and "transitory" apply to
what is bound to pass ("superstardom is
transitory"); "ephemeral," especially, implies striking brevity
of duration ("fads, by their very nature, are
ephemeral"). "Fugitive" and "fleeting" imply passing so quickly
as to make apprehending difficult ("a fugitive smile flitted
across his face"; "caught a fleeting glimpse"). "Fugacious,"
which we featured as a Word of the Day in July, is used of all
things fleeting and transitory; it's also the least common of
these synonyms.