Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Well, I finished reading "The Black Hole of Carcosa" already. It was only 184 pages, and only took me about three or four hours to read. It was pretty cool, especially the parts with Stang, "Bob," and Jesus, which unfortunately wasn't as much as I had hoped. "Bob" and Stang were only in the book from page 130 to 156. the Fightin' Jesus was only in one little scene, but it was really cool. They prayed to the Fightin' Jesus, and he descended from heaven in an elevator, and stepped out with a cigar clenched between his teeth, and shot everyone with a machine gun, and then went back to heaven. The smurf massacre scene was a little different than I had been told, for example, "Bob," Stang and Jesus weren't even in the book yet, it was just the main character, Kamus. And it wasn't really a "Bloody massacre." An army of dwarves and smurfs surrounded Kamus, and he used magic to turn the dwarves into hideous cannibal trolls, which then ate the smurfs, but it didn't really describe it much, it just stated that the smurfs got eaten. It was still a pretty cool book.

I also watched "Maybe Logic" yesterday. It was great.

Yesterday was a great day. Because of the book and the movie, but it was also great at work. The first reason work was cool yesterday is that the new woman we hired never showed up and got fired, so I didn't have to train her. I hate training people. But the best thing that happened yesterday was that James got fired. I HATE JAMES! He annoyed everyone, they were just looking for a reason to fire him. The managers had been trying to hire some people so they could cut his hours or fire him.

I'm tired. I have to go to work later. Luckily I don't go in until 4:00, and I work the lobby tonight, instead of drive-through, and I usually get done with the lobby really quick, and they send me home early, if it's not busy.

I've got a headache. My eyes have been bothering me the last week.