Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

This is a cool story. I've always liked Salvador Dali. This was posted in a newsgroup by someone, so I don't know if it's true or not.

"Salvador Dali used to throw himself down the stairs all the time to get attention in art school.
In his autobiography he said it got to the point where one day he was
walking up to the stairs and the entire lunchroom stopped everything they
were doing and went silent. Everyone was looking at him and waiting for him
to throw himself down the stairs yet again. He walked slowly down them
instead sneering at everone he could make eye contact with instead and said
that at that moment he felt like a GOD."

This is also cool: Researcher confirms existence of 'earworms' 98% of people have had songs stuck in their head.

Well, today was the first day of school for Purcell students. Not that that affects me in any way. Although it is rather quiet around here with my sister gone.

I work today, luckily it's a short shift though. I don't go in until 4:00, meaning I only work 6 and a half hours tonight. Unfortunately, I have to work with Ashley. The second prison I applied at never did call back. I don't know why. They said they'd call whether they hired me or not. Looks like I better try to find somewhere else to apply at now. I don't know why nowhere will hire me. I've been trying to find another job for about four years now. I don't even know where to try next.

I got a really good credit card offer in the mail today, I was going to apply for it, but I just noticed that it says "You must have a total yearly income of at least $15,000 to apply for any Discover Card." I barely make $9,000 a year.

Man, there's nothing on tv today.

You can tuna fish, you can tuna casserole, but you can't pick your friend's nose and look him in the mouth.