Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Still not much to write about, but worry not, I have not abandoned you. Here are some links to help you in your time of need. Or something like that.

The Tsar Card Every man and woman is a Tsar. Get your credentials here.
Babe's Big Blue Balls The sidekick of Paul Bunyan, Babe the big blue ox and his big blue balls.
Heroes The best flash animation ever. It's basically Clerks with Marvel Comics characters playing the roles. Takes a while to download if you're not on broadband, which I'm not.
Matrix Revolutions Preview The trailer for Matrix Revolutions. Takes even longer to download.
The Best Page In The Universe That's its name, not my opinion, though I agree. Very funny and offensive. Some angry guy and his editorials, I about died laughing. In one article he rates ugly cars on the Gary Busey scale of ugliness, 1 being not ugly, 10 being Gary Busey.
Unspeakably Stupid Stories Pretty Funny
The Go Fuck Yourself Homepage Go fuck yourself.
Dr. Hugh Jass The homepage of Dr. Hugh Jass and family.
Joseph Pujol, the Fartiste The story of Le Petomane and his amazing flatulence.