Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention last night that Bonita got fired. That sucks, she was one of only three or four people that I actually liked to work with. She got fired for calling in too much. She always had a good reason for calling in though, usually it was because she had to go to court because of custody battles over her kid. Wednesday night she got really sick and had to home early, and then Thursday she called in saying she had to go to the doctor, so they fired her. We're really short handed at work now, and they can't even find anyone to hire. The last week or two they've went through every application they have, but either they can't contact the person for some reason, or the person has already found a job, or we hire the person and they never show up for their first day of work.

I've been listening to the FLCL soundtrack almost constantly since I got it, it's pretty cool. It's full of bad English though, it's funny. Most of the songs are in Japanese, but have at least some English in them, most of which is translated badly, or makes no sense. One of the songs goes "With the kids sing out the future. Maybe, kids don't need the masters. Just waiting for the little busters, oh yeah." The rest is in Japanese.

Damn, gotta get ready for work now.