Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Damn. Because of all the times I mentioned Smurfs in that Black Hole of Carcosa book, the google generated ads at the top of the page keep giving links to Smurfs websites. And, for some reason, Betty Boop. I hate Betty Boop almost as much as Smurfs. Well, now that I've mentioned them both several times in one post, it's definitely going to provide links to them. Those links can be cool sometimes, but other times they can be really annoying. Sometimes it'll be like "What? Why the hell is it giving links to that? I've never even mentioned that." Like for the last week or two on Alicia's site, the links have all been about deer hunting and first aid supplies for some reason.

"8 Legged Freaks" is on again. I've still never seen the very beginning though, both times I've seen it, I've turned it on at the same exact part of the movie. My mom's actually watching it today, though she's cringing the entire time. She says she hates it when the spiders jump.

I hate it when I don't know how to end a post.