Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Woo hoo! I'm off work today, and the next two days! Tomorrow I'm going to Daniel's 4th of July party, which, for some reason, is being held on the 3rd. We're gonna drink and shoot fireworks, since he lives way out in the country. Mmmmm, beer. I haven't had a drink in over a month. I don't really like beer, but I need some anyway. I know beer and fireworks is not a good combination, but I'm doing it anyway. Besides, I'll be careful. I'm extremely careful with fireworks. Too careful, I'm almost too scared to play with them. When I was a kid I was too scared to even hold the Roman Candles to shoot them. I bet it's gonna be fun tomorrow. A lot of people are going to be there.

Man, it's hot here. Even with the AC on it's 78 degrees in the house. It's 99 outside.

I'm bored. There's nothing on tv. I think I'll play GTA: Vice City.