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Friday, July 11, 2003

Today (or yesterday I guess, since it's after midnight) I am (was) happy. (Time is weird isn't it. Really such a subjective concept when you think about it.)

Let us try that again.

Today, I am happy. (That's better.)

Today was a really cool day, even though I did absolutely nothing all day. Actually, I did lots of things today, I learned a lot, and added many new neural pathways to my brain, and cleared out some of the old archaic and misguided ones. But when compared to the concept of "having a life" I did nothing today.

To perhaps put it a little more simply... I sat around the house almost all day and mainly just read and surfed the internet. I went to Carl's Jr. for lunch, and ended up being there for over an hour hanging out and talking to Alicia. Then I drove around the lake making noises at the hundreds of geese. Then I came home again and did all this reading and stuff. Then Alicia got online and we talked for a while. Then I checked out a few websites, and found the glorious webpage that I just talked about in the post below this one.

Seriously, I am in the greatest mood right now.

Man, I need to dispose of all the empty coke cans that have built up in my room. There's 25 Coke cans on my desk and dresser. It's getting hard to reach around to the power button (which is on the back on iMacs like mine) to turn the computer on.

Ok, I'm going to bed. I'm almost in too good a mood to sleep, though.

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