Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

This is interesting. I spent several hours last night with my Tarot cards and checking out various horoscopes and things like that online, and they all say the same basic thing. Well, two different, but related things. Most of them say that I will give up all my current efforts, and just forget it all. They say I'm in for a tough time ahead. Summed up nicely by this card, the 8 of Cups, which represents "Discontinuance of effort, disappointment, abandonment of previous plans, shyness, modesty." That pretty much says it all.

But there is hope. I did an I-Ching reading, and got a changing line, which indicates future activity. According to it, and one of my horoscopes I checked, I will have a hard time, like the others say, but this goes on to say that if I don't give up, and stick to it, but go slowly and surely, but don't force anything, it will all work out great in the end. Which is great, because I don't want to give up on anything right now, and I don't plan to. It says I should be completely honest, and not hold back my feelings.

These readings seem pretty accurate, they can be applied to several things in my life right now. They also give me hope, hope enough that I won't give up, which in truth I had considered.

Did you bring enough nuclear weapons for THE WHOLE CLASS, Johnny?