Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Ok, I was in a bad mood the last couple of days, but I feel great today. Work wasn't even that bad tonight. It wasn't fun, but it didn't suck.

More stuff from the piles of old papers I found yesterday. Here's a Haiku I once wrote for a school assignment. As you probably know, a haiku is a poem in which the first line is five syllables, the second line is seven, and the third line is five. Here is my smart ass haiku:

The first line is five,
The second line is seven,
The last is five too.

Great, isn't it. I scored a 100% on this assignment, mainly because we were only supposed to write something like 5 or 6 haikus, and I wrote 20. I also wrote them all ina period of about half an hour. This was also pretty much the first time I ever wrote anything. It's what first made me realize I wanted to be a writer. Looking back at these poems, some of them are pretty bad. None of them are bad writing really, it's just that some of them are kind of cliche, and for some reason almost all of them are about death, or some other dark subject. Here are some of the better ones:

Wind blows, and wind chills
Wind blows over dales and hills
Wind blows always on

Darkness surrounds you
Cold and damp and black as sin
Now and always, death

Halloween is here
Ghosts and Goblins cause much fear
Some are real, some not

Born of darkness here
Is the thing which causes fear
Come and meet it now

When the flower blooms
A thing of beauty is born
But does not last long

Just who is this God?
Argue the Priest and the Fool
They are both quite wrong

Whenever love fades
And the flame flickers and dies
So does a man's hope

Many things must end,
Alas, so did my love's life
I will join her soon

When your mind is lost
You may not know your own self
Nothing matters then

It will all end soon
My life is almost over
Welcome me, sweet death

Okay, the parade of Goth poetry is over now. I was about 16 or 17 when I wrote these. I wrote them all while on break at work. Most of them are pretty good. But it's just kind of embarrasing, how stupid they are, they're all pretty cliche and maudlin.

Crap, it's 1:00 AM already. Time for bed.