Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Man, I'm bored. I'm off work today, and I have nothing to do at all. This town is so boring. I think I'm gonna go to the bookstore later, and buy a new book or two. As if I really need more books.

My parent's may be moving, and me with them, of course. At least until I can get a good job again and get a place of my own. This is very surprising news. I mean, we've lived in this same house since I was like 4 or 5, and we've wanted to move pretty much the whole time. This house sucks. We've never been able to move though, because no one will buy this god-forsaken house. But now my parents finally have this house paid off, so they can afford to buy a new one. It's very doubtful we will move though, because for some reason the guy won't sell the house. See, my parents found some house near here that no one has been livng in for a year or so, and the bank is about to foreclose on it, because the guy hasn't been paying his house payments, so my parents were hopeing the guy would sell them the house, but no one knows how to get ahold of the guy, not even his lawyer. The lawyer did say that the last time he heard from the guy he wasn't going to sell it, he was just going to let the bank take it.

I wish there was something to do! I'm so bored! Me and Alicia were supposed to maybe go see Charlie's Angels tonight, but she spent all her money and can't go now. We have to wait until next payday, which is over a week away. She won't let me pay for her, she won't even just borrow money from me. Oh well, I can wait, I guess.

The duck works nicely. This is a very funny Flash cartoon, watch it. Ducks: A Redesign.

The words of the Foolish and those of the Wise
Are not far apart in Discordian Eyes.
-- HBT, The Book of Advice, 2:1