Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I was, in my opinion, a lucky child. I was lucky enough to be raised in a fairly liberal house. My parents are both democrats, and are pretty open when it comes to religious and political ideals, my dad esepcially. My mom can be a little squeamish on the religious issue, for example she doesn't like it when you guestion the existance of God, but other than that she's pretty open to things like various interpretations of the Bible. My dad, however, likes to watch the Discovery Channel, and TLC, and things like that, he especially likes those "True Stories of the Bible" and things like that. But, religion isn't what I was going to write about, I was going to write about politics, somewhat. Anyway, my parents, well my dad mainly, all my mom really did was agree with him, just had a short political rant, started off by the news stories about Iraq and the killing of Saddam's sons.

He said, "I've been saying it for almost 30 years now, America is the new Soviet Union. The thing that made everyone hate the Soviet Union was the way they went and conquered and policed every country around them. And now what is America doing? We're the Police of the World. Going to all these other countries and fighting, and most of the countries, like Iraq, don't even want us there. Now everyone hates America the way they used to hate the Soviet Union. We've completely switched places with them."

And I agree with him. What gives us the right to police the world? Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. If they ask for our help then it's ok. But we go there wether they want us or not. American troops have suffered more casualties since the war ended than they did during the war in Iraq, from Iraqis who just don't want us there, and wish we'd get the hell out. Supposedly we went there because Iraq was dangerous to us, they had weapons of mass destruction, but we have yet to find any, and now they say they may have acted on faulty information. There never were any WMD. The whole reason behind this war was OIL, as many people have said before me. It's simple, President George II wanted America to have all the oil for itself, so he (or most likely someone else, since he isn't smart enough to do this himself) has them create this "intelligence" that says that Saddam has WMD, so we can go over there and take over the country.

And this new shit in Liberia? Why are we even over there? It's their own problem, let them fight their own fight. People will say "but they shelled our embassy, killed 600 people, we have to fight them now." The only reason they shelled our embassy is because we started it, we've been threatening them for the last few weeks, telling them to stop all their fighting or we'll come over there and kick some ass. It was simple retaliation. We shouldn't have stuck our nose where it doesnt belong. Others say that we have to help them in their fight because the founders of Liberia (whose name comes from the word "Liberty") were all ex-American slaves who went back to Africa, and all the people there now are descendants of those ex-Americans, and so we have to help them. No we don't. They aren't Americans anymore. Most of the people who live there now have never even been to America. The founders of the country left America, they didn't want to have anything to do with us, they were trying to get away from us, they didn't like us (which is understandable considering the way they were treated). They are not our responsibility anymore.

I never know how to end these posts. So I will just stop.

We play our roles like poor lost souls