Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Wow, that was some storm we had here last night. Wind gusts up to 80 mph, and lots of lightning, thunder, and rain. It blew the metal cover off the top of our chimney, like it did once several years ago, hopefully it didn't poke a hole in our roof like it did last time. It also knocked the power out from a few minutes after 10:00 pm until about 2:30 am. The power flickered a lot before it finally went completely off, and while it was off it flickered like it was going to come back on a couple of times. It almost ruined one of our TVs, every time the power would almost come on the tv would make this weird squealing noise. It did that one other time a few years ago and blew our TV out. It almost ruined my computer too. My computer was on when the power went off, and so every time the power would blink on or off, the computer would try to restart, and then get shut off again in the middle of starting up. I haven't found anything wrong with my computer, other than that it currently says it is 7:07 PM on Wednesday, December 31st, 1969. That's a weird date for it to go back to, especially the 1969 part. I liked the storm though, I like storms, and I like it when the power goes out, except that I can't sleep when the powers off, because it gets too hot. I spent most of the time reading by candle-light while the power was off. I like candles, candles are cool. Yay, go candles.

Don't you hate when that happens, when you repeat a word several times, or look at it for a long time, and suddenly it seems like it's spelled wrong or something? The word will lose it's meaning, and you'll be like, "Wait, 'candles?' Is that spelled right? Is that even a real word?" That happens to me all the time, it's weird, but kinda cool. It usually happens to me when I'm trying to design something. I'll have a word or phrase highlighted, and keep changing the font, trying to figure out which font I like best for it, and suddenly the word will start to look weird to me, and I'll run a spell check to make sure it's spelled right.

Wow, this is an old episode of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central. They're doing skits about the New Kids on the Block, and Beverly Hills 90210. For some strange reason, in my brain, The New Kids on the Block are permantly linked to memories of the hospital in Paul's Valley. This is because I listened to the New Kids on the Block tape that I borrowed from my cousin, while going to the hospital to visit my mom. I don't remember for certain why she was in the hospital at that time though. I think it was when she was giving birth to my sister. Other than that, I can remember everything about the trip whenever I think about the New Kids on the Block. I remember it was night, and I went up there with my aunt and my cousin, Brandi, in their van. I guess my dad was already at the hospital. Then, when we got to the hosital, I had to wait alone in the waiting room for an hour or two, and I spent most of the time reading. If I remember right, the book was "Ramona and her Dad," or one of those "Ramona" books. Those were my favorite when I was a little kid. So now, whenver I see, hear, or think about the New Kids on the Block, all these memories start going through my head. It's strange.