Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

So, that song I posted yesterday is from one of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack CDs, entitled "Blue." It is one of the most beautiful and sad songs I've ever heard, and it's one of my favorite songs. The Cowboy Bebop albums are full of cool songs like that, that's what makes the show so cool. That song is from a very sad episode too, that song plays while Ed and Ein, my two favorite characters from the show, are leaving the Bebop. Ed has found out that she (yes, she) has a father, and that he is nearby somewhere, so she leaves the Bebop to find him, and Ein follows her. Ein is a very intelligent dog. Ed is a little girl who is very weird and is a super computer hacker. Cartoon Network took Cowboy Bebop off Adult Swim and replaced it with that fucking Lupin III, never in my life have I hated any show as much as I hate Lupin III, and not just because it replaced Cowboy Bebop, I just hate Lupin III, it's horrible.

I'm feeling pretty lonely the last few days, and bored. It sucks just sitting around the house all day. I wish I had a job too, I'd go back to Carl's for awhile, until the Prison hires me, but they are doing really badly right now, not making any money, and hardly getting any business. They probably couldn't hire me back if they wanted to. I really need a job, I need money. And no one's buying my stuff on eBay. As if I didn't already feel really unloved.

Ugh, don't mention love. Love is one thing that apparently has no place in my life. Never been any, and apparently there never will be any love in my life.