Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Man, I really wish I had some friends around here. Geeky friends. Ones I could hang out with and play video games and Dungeons and Dragons, and stuff like that with. I'd like to start playing D&D again. Me and Chris and some of my other friends used to play it back in High School, but we didn't play it much. And even when we did play it, we didn't take it very seriously, we always just did silly stuff, and he hardly followed the rules at all. Most of us had no idea what the real rules even were. We always just used the d20 (20 sided dice) for pretty much every type of roll. So I'd like to start playing it again, and really learn how this time. I have tons of D&D stuff. Unfortunately none of the stuff I have is the new 3rd edition D&D, I just have the old 2nd edition books, and some 1st edition stuff, even. I've never played or even read the 3rd edition rules. What little I have seen of the 3rd edition looks pretty cool, it looks like they've simplified a lot, made it a lot easier to play. I'm thinking of buying the 3rd edition players guide tomorrow. I'm going to the comic book store tomorrow, I think I'm gonna start hanging out there, maybe I'll make some friends. Buying the new D&D book would be a waste of money though, I don't have anyone to play it with. Chris said we could play online sometime though. He has some friends on base in Iceland who play with him, and he said I could get online, and play with them sometime, they could type and tell me what's going on and all that. So, maybe I'll do that sometime, after I learn the 3rd edition rules. Of course, not having anyone to play with has never stopped me from buying the stuff before. Like I said, I have a lot of D&D books, a large box-full. I have several of the campaign settings and stuff like that, and none of them have ever been used at all, even when we did play we didn't play any of those campaign settings.

Wow, that's a lot of text, without even a paragraph break.

Well, I'm bored, and my "Cowboy Bebop" DVDs came in today. Sooooo...I'm gonna go watch those now.