Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Cool! This site has had 53 hits this week, that's more than twice what I usually get. I normally only get between 15 and 25, the last few weeks it been closer to 25.

Well, I'm up to page 515 now in the new Harry Potter book, and honestly, I can't wait for it to be over. I can barely read it, it's just too horrible. Not the book or the writing, it's just as well written as the other books, if not better, but the stuff that's happening in it is just too horrible. I don't want to give anything away, so I will be vague. In this book about nine tenths of the wizarding world now thinks Harry is just a liar and a show off, they don't beleive that Voldemort is back, and that he's making it all up just to get attention, and they also think that Dumbledore is just a senile old crackpot who hangs out with crooks and liars like Harry Potter. Dumbledore has been kicked out of all the various wizardly groups he used to belong to, and has had his "Order of Merlin" title taken away, and is expected to be kicked out of Hogwarts very soon. The Ministry of Magic are the "bad guys" now, it is they who are convincing everyone that Dumbledore and Harry are crazy, dangerous, frauds. They also have a person working inside Hogwarts now, and keep passing all kinds of laws giving her power over the school, and she goes around "grading" all the teachers and putting them on probation and banning after school activities and things like that, and making everything against the rules. They're barely even allowed to practice magic anymore. In "Defense Against the Dark Arts" all they do is read textbooks, they aren't allowed to actually do any of the magic. Life at Hogwarts has become a living hell for everyone, Harry especially. Luckily he has finally calmed down a little, and is not yelling at people everytime they so much as say "hi" to him. The first half of the book Harry is constantly yelling at everyone, saying things like, "You think it's easy being me? You think I like being pointed at and whispered about by everyone? You think I enjoy being attacked by Voldemort all the time?" Stuff like that, and jumping down the throat of all the teachers and even Ron and Hermione every time they try to talk to him.
It's getting a little better now, what little I've read of the second half of the book isn't quite as irritating. It's a really good book, well written and everything, just like the previous books, but I think she's gonna lose some readers, now that Voldemort is back, and the books are going in a new direction.
I'd still be reading it right now, but it's my sister's book and it's her turn now. So I had to stop for a few hours. I will definitely finish the book tonight though. I really want to read it, and hate stopping, even though while I am reading it, it's so hard to keep going. What's happening in the book is so terrible though, you want to keep reading, and get to the end quickly, just to see how everything turns out. I hope everything turns out well in the end, but that's doubtful now that Voldmort's back, and someone still has to die.