Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Major tornadic storm system moving through Oklahoma right now. For a while it was following almost the exact path of the infamous "May 3rd" tornadoes four years ago. It took out many of the houses that had just recently been rebuilt. Then at 5:11 pm, it crossed I-35 right in the middle of major rush hour traffic. The news channels said there was a "terrific amount" of traffic where it crossed. Then it veered north slightly and just narrowly missed Crossroads Mall. Then it headed in the direction of Tinker Air Force base, but did not get too near that, but it did do some major damage to the GM plant, where my parent's have been telling me for years I need to try to get a job at. Now it's off the ground, but the storm is still rotating and moving fast towards the north-east. I expect there will be many casualties from this storm. The GM factory still had workers inside and suffered heavy damage, and the reporters have said of several buildings that there "was no hope for anyone inside." And they just showed footage of a greyhound bus that has been completely destroyed, they don't know how many people were on it.