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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The iPod has been out for a while, but has now become the hot new must-have item for the summer. The reason for this is accessibility. Macintosh has recently released their new line of improved iPods, that feature many changes and improvements which make the little gadgets even easier to use; also, iPods aren't just for Mac addicts anymore, they are compatible with both Mac and Windows. The awkward rotating "wheel" of the former iPod has been replaced by several easy-to-use touch-sensitive illuminated buttons, eliminating any moving parts which could break down. The entire module has been given a slight image upgrade making it look even cooler. Featuring an ultra-modern titanium and glass look, with illuminated buttons and a back-lit LCD screen, it just LOOKS cool. There are three different models, the 10GB, the 15GB and the 30GB, the 30GB model holding up to 7500 songs. The 10GB model, which holds 2,500 songs should be all the space any sane person would need, but the slightly more expensive 15GB model, which holds 3,700 songs is the better value. Besides having more storage space, it also comes with several accessories that the $299 stripped-down model does not have, that make the extra $100 on the price tag worth it. The 10GB iPod comes with just the iPod, the necessary firewire cables, AC adapter, and headphones. The 15 and 30GB models come with everything the 10GB model has, plus a wired remote, a cool-looking protective carrying case, and the new iPod dock, which makes connecting to your computer and transferring files easier, and also features an audio line-out, allowing you to connect your iPod to speakers or a stereo system.

The iPod still has one main drawback, however -- the price. Costing between $299 and $499 they can really lighten your wallet, but it seems this is a sacrifice thousands of people are willing to make. The NY Post recently wrote an article detailing the way in which the iPod has taken over the NY social scene:

"There are two types of people in New York: Those who have an iPod and those who want one," write Mary Huhn and Maxine Shen in the New York Post. "The power to cram a jukebox worth of tunes into your shirt pocket is revolutionizing the New York social scene. There are iPod parties, jackets, fan clubs and Web sites galore. People are using the portable MP3 players as alarm clocks, address books and surrogate pets."
Full story here

"O" magazine also wrote about the iPod, listing it as one of Oprah's favorite things, and saying that it "will revolutionize your music!"

The iPod has also won several awards, such as ZDNet's Editor's Choice Award. And has even been written about in several online comics, such as PVP.

The iPod is also for more than just music now, it also features calendar and to-do list software, and several games, such as solitaire.

If I had the money I know I'd get one.