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Thursday, February 06, 2003

A while back I signed up for a "Word of the Day" e-mail thing. The word I got yesterday I find very interesting.

bardolater \bar-DAH-luh-ter\ (noun)

: a person who idolizes Shakespeare

Example sentence:
The annual Shakespeare festival attracts bardolaters from all over the world.

Did you know?
George Bernard Shaw once described a Shakespeare play as "stagy trash." Another time, Shaw said he'd like to dig Shakespeare from the grave and throw stones at him. Shaw could be equally scathing toward Shakespeare's adoring fans. He called them "foolish Bardolaters," wrote of "Bardolatrous" ignoramuses, and called blind Shakespeare worship "Bardolatry." Oddly enough, Shaw didn't despise Shakespeare or his work (on the contrary, he was, by his own admission, an admirer), but he disdained those who placed the man beyond reproach. The word "bardolater," which Shaw coined by blending Shakespeare's epithet — "the Bard" — with an affix that calls to mind "idolater," has stuck with us to this day, though it has lost some of its original critical sting.