Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Last night at work was pretty busy. We figured it would be slow, because everyone would be doing Valentine's Day stuff, but we were wrong, it was really busy, the first part of the night especially. There was one time were like 20 people all came in at once. We made $110 in 30 minutes. Most nights if we make more than $400 to $500 the entire night, it's a good night. What are all these people doing coming into a fast food place on Valentine's day?

Speaking of Valentine's Day, no one around here can spell it. Some guy wrote on the request off sheet that he needed off for a school "Valatimes Dance," and one of the managers yesterday spelled it "Valatines." Spelling errors make me angry. It's funny, I've always been like the official spelling and grammar checker at Carl's Jr. Whenever the manager's need something spelled they ask me. Daniel was writing in the Manager's Log yesterday, and had to ask how to spell five different things. One of them was "seem," another was "excited." I can't beleive he had to ask how to spell "seem."

Yesterday was a pretty good Valentine's day for me. Actually, it wasn't that great, but at least I didn't spend the entire day extremely depresssed, like usual.

My horoscopes for the last two days have been pretty cool:

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
February 14th
If you're acting, others will know. False representation may or may not be appreciated. To your credit, you're speaking your mind these days.

February 15th
You believe in superstitions that work to your advantage. Idiosyncrasy is often a mark of genius. Your success drives them crazy. Sagittarius likes to stir things up this way.