Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, February 21, 2003

I'm moving next Thursday. I've got most of my stuff all boxed up and ready already. I may not be online for a day or two while I'm moving. Actually, I may not be online at all. There may be a problem. Daniel said that from the place we're moving to, almost everywhere is long distance. There was only one town that he knew wasn't long distance from there, but there may be more. I hope so, because that town doesn't have an AOL access number. I hope there are some more places that aren't long distance, and hopefully one of them will have an access number. If not I may have to check out MSN, or Earthlink, or one of those other online access providers that claim they have more access numbers than AOL.

Man, I feel pretty bad right now, I'm still sick. Today I've got a really sore throat too. I hadn't been having a sore throat. I'm really tired, and spaced out right now too, like I have been for the last few days. It's a combination of being sick, and the medication.

I'm really bored now, too.