Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

I went on another buying spree today. First I took four video games (two Playstation 2, and two XBox) to Software Etc. to sell. They only wanted to give me $15 dollars for all four of them combined. But I hated all four of them, most of them I'd only played twice, so I sold them anyway. Well, I kept one of them, "Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon," because it was the best of the four, and sold the other three for $10. Actually, they don't pay you, of course, they give you store credit. So I put that to use and bought two things. One was "Maximo" for the Playstation 2, which was only $19.95. The other was a game system that looks like an old Atari joystick. That's all it is, you just plug this joystick into the A/V jacks on the TV and the games are inside the joystick. It has ten old Atari games, like "Pong," and "Centipede," on it. It's pretty cool. Those old games are hard, mainly because they are so bad and the controls are hard. But I love old games like that. My favorite video game system is the original NES, Nintendo Entertainment System. I spent a couple of hours this morning playing the original "Metroid."

Then I went to the comic book store and bought the second volume of the "Love Hina" manga, and an issue of "Shonen Jump," a manga magazine that has several different comics in it.

Then I went to the MegaTokyo store at, and ordered the "Capture the B34r" t-shirt.

Speaking of ordering things. The stuff I ordered a couple of weeks ago from still hasn't come in yet. It ships from Japan, so of course it's gonna take awhile, but I paid extra for airmail shipping, that's only supposed to take 7 to 10 days. Today was the ninth day. It's been about two weeks since I ordered it though. They're supposed to ship the stuff out within a couple of days, but for some reason it was almost a week before they even shipped mine. Dammit, I get really anxious and excited when I order things, and I hate waiting on them. That's why I usually pay extra for quick shipping. For this order I paid $11.40 for the shipping. What's funny is that the stuff I ordered only cost $11.30. I paid more for the shipping than for the actual products.

Okay, dammit, I've been on this computer for over two hours. That's enough for now. I'm trying to cut down. I'm gonna go do something else now.