Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I said a couple of nights ago that life was good, but now life fucking sucks. And I have a feeling it's going to suck for a couple of months. I wish I'd never agreed to move in with Daniel and Olivia. Now that I see the house empty and in its "cleaned up" state, I hate it more than ever. And my room is smaller than the room I've been living in. We could barely even get my essentials in there, much less the rest of my crap. The house sucks. It's dirty, and not in very good shape. It's gonna take a lot of work. It's ugly too, and it doesn't have central heat or air. All it's got is a heating vent system connected to the fireplace, so the fireplace has to be left on constantly, which makes me afraid that the house is gonna burn with everything I own in it. And I have several thousand dollars worth of computers and video games and systems. The only AC is one window unit in the living room. There might be one in the den too, but I don't think so. Also, because of the fireplace, that means we're gonna have to spend money on firewood, which is pretty exspensive. Also I'm not gonna have internet service for an unknown amount of time, possibly a month or two. That really sucks, because, sad as this may be, the internet is my life.

So, anyway, here's the story of what went on today. I was supposed to go to work today, so about 1:00 I was getting ready for work, but while I was brushing my teeth I got a phone call. It was work, they told me not to come in today, because business was so bad because of the weather. They'd hardly had any business all day, and would probably close early. So then, since I was going to be off tonight, Daniel and I decided to go ahead and move most of my stuff, so we could have the whole day tomorrow to move his and Olivia's stuff. So right now basically all I have here are my bed, my clothes, and my computer, which is on the floor, instead of my desk. Moving sucked, this is the first time I've ever moved. Me and my parents have lived in this house as far back as I can remember, we moved here when I was four or five.

I really wish I hadn't moved over there. My parents wish I hadn't too, because the place sucks so much. They've been telling me all night stuff like, "you don't have to move out there. Just tell him you changed your mind, and tomorrow we can move all your stuff back here," or "I'd live out there a week or two, and if you can't stand it, pay him for the month, and move back." Stuff like that. It's really tempting, but I can't do that. Mainly because without my rent money coming they'd barely be able to afford the place. And I'd just feel like an idiot and a bastard if I did that. But I am gonna tell them to start trying to find a new roommate, because I'm getting out of there as soon as I can. I'm not even gonna unpack most of my stuff. Hopefully I'm gonna be there a month or two at the most. I'm not gonna move back home though, I'm gonna try to get an apartment. My parents told me they'd help me pay part of my rent for the first few months even. Until I can get a better job or something. They keep saying I need to find someone to move in with me, in an apartment. They're like, "Maybe you and Alicia could share an apartment, that would be pretty cheap for both of you." And I'm like, "Yeah, I doubt that's gonna happen. Alicia probably wouldn't want to move in with me anyway." Alicia was one of the reasons I wanted to move out there, though. Not the only reason, of course, but a reason. Me, Alicia, Daniel, and Olivia living together would have been really fun, but without Alicia it's gonna suck.

On my next day off I'm going to apply at 7-11. The starting pay there is $9.15 an hour. That's $3.00 an hour more than I'm making at Carl's Jr. after working there almost 7 years. Plus at 7-11 you get paid vacations, a 401k, profit sharing, and group health insurance. The only benefit I get at Carl's is half-price food. The bad thing about 7-11 is the risk of getting shot and/or killed, especially if you work nights. You do get paid more for nights though. It say that after working there 60 days, a day worker will make $9.30, a night worker will get $9.40 an hour. I'll probably work days, just so I maybe won't get killed. If I can get the job I'll probably move out of Daniel's place in a month. I hope I get the job. It's one of the highest paying non-professional jobs around here.

I'm all depressed and sad now. It doesn't help that my fucking computer keeps deciding to play depressing R.E.M. songs like "Everybody Hurts."

I'm sad because it feels like I'm never going to see Alicia again. She's not moving in with us, and we're both trying to find new jobs, so we probably won't work together for very much longer. Even if we do get new jobs, I better still get to see her occasionally, or I'm going to be severely pissed off at her. Alicia's moving in with Curtis now. I think thats a stupid idea. She decided not to move in with us, and go live with her mom again, mainly because she couldn't afford to live with us. But now she's decided that she doesn't want to live with her mom, so she's going to move in with Curtis instead. I wonder how she's gonna afford that? I guess he's not gonna charge her much. She's not gonna have internet access either. I don't think Curtis even has a phone.

I can't believe she's moving in with Curtis.

Life sucks.