Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Monday, February 17, 2003

I had a somewhat surreal experience earlier. Actually, there wasn't anything really that odd about it, but it just felt weird. I was sitting here at my computer and decided to turn around and look out the window, for no apparent reason. When I did there was a blue balloon slowly floating across the little patch of sky visible from my window. I dunno, I just thought it was weird.

Anyway, it's links time.

I know I've posted this one before, in fact it's on my permanent Page O' Links, but it's worth noting again, because it's the best site ever. The site for all your geek needs. Computer accessories, hardware, cool t-shirts, geek toys, video game consoles and games, and, of course, the MegaTokyo store.

[] Here's another site that sells videogame related t-shirts. They've got some pretty cool ones, such as The Code.

X-Entertainment Remember the 80's? They're back. This is THE place to go for all forms of 80's nostalgia.

I've mentioned both of these sites recently, but as long as I'm doing links, I might as well mention them again. Both of these sites specialize in computer cooling accessories, things you'll need if you want to overclock your processor. They also have other computer parts and accessories, too. and

Pong: The Text Based Game. Yes, you read that right. It's a text version of Pong. Impossible to describe, you'll have to check it out for yourself. You know what Pong is, don't you? If not, you should probably leave now.

The Mother 3 Petition! Mother! The greatest game ever made! What, you've never heard of Mother? Sure you have. In America it was called Earthbound. EARTHBOUND! The weirdest, and best RPG ever made. It was released on the Super Nintendo. For over four years Nintendo kept telling us about the sequel they were working on for the N64, they even released screen shots, but then, you stopped hearing about it. Nintendo suddenly decided not to finish or release it after all. This petition is collecting signatures to show Nintendo how much demand there is for this game, in the hopes they will start working on it again, and someday release it. Go there, now. And sign it, NOW.

ReMix: Super Mario Bros. 2 'SuperBuckJazz' This is pretty weird, but really cool. It's an MP3 of a jazz band performing their version of the theme music to Super Mario Brothers 2.

Here's another one I've mentioned before, but is worth noting again. The Videogame Music Archive 14,000+ Game music midi files.

And now, WebComics. Most of these are fairly geeky too. Most of them deal with video games and computers, or Japanese stuff like Manga and Anime.

MegaTokyo Of course. I've said so much about this site that all I'm gonna say now is, "Go there. It's great."

Penny Arcade This is my favorite website at the moment. A great comic strip and news site, all about video games.

Nuklear Power - Home of 8-bit Theater 8-bit Theater is great, its a Final Fantasy comic that uses characters and images from the first Final Fantasy game, in all their 8-bit, pixellated glory.

PvPonline Another geeky webcomic. I haven't really read much of this one, but what I have read has been cool.

Scary Go Round This one isnt geeky, but it's pretty cool.

User Friendly Another computer related comic strip.

Ok, here's some more links, that I don't have a catagory for.

Douglas Adams The late Douglas Adams. The greatest writer who ever lived. He will be missed.

The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site Yeah, Weird Al. One of my favorite singers.

Ok, that's all the links

Man, I feel pretty bad right now. Not really from the allergies anymore, but from all the medicine I've been taking for them. I can barely stay awake right now.

This is true: I am, at this moment, using my laptop computer for a door stop. I needed something heavy, and it was the closest heavy thing