Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Yikes, I was worried a few hours ago. When I was driving home from Oklahoma City (where I went shopping) I saw Alicia's car by the side of the road by the Goldsby exit. By the time I realized it was her car I had already passed the exit, so I drove a few more miles to the Ladd Road exit and turned around there and went back. I could see she wasn't in her car, but there were two gas stations just a hundred yards or so away, so I went to see if she was at either one of those waiting for a ride or something. I didn't see her at either of them. I even gave a description and asked them if she'd come in asking to use the phone or asking for help or anything, but they all said they hadn't. So I looked around the area some more, and then got back on the highway to Purcell, keeping an eye for Alicia, in case she was stupid and tried to walk. She couldn't have walked it, it was way too far to Purcell, but that doesn't neccesarily mean she wouldn't try. I got back to Purcell and went straight to Carl's Jr. to ask Daniel if he'd heard from her or anything, and he said "Yeah, her car's broke down on the highway. She just showed up here earlier, I don't know if she got a ride or walked or what. My brother's going up later to tow her car back to town." So, I guess she's ok then, but I was kinda worried for awhile.

Ah ha! I knew this shirt was different! I was certain that, used to, when I saw this shirt at HotTopic it just said "Roots" but the one I bought today says, "Know your Roots." I knew that was different, and here's the proof, from the Hot Topic online store:

Other than that, the two shirts are identical.